Monday, December 13, 2010

All warm and cozy

I have this crazy love for old Historical places, as anyone who knows me is well aware. The Baron Woolen Mill in particular; this old building with its years of hard work was what America was and should be about. People using their hands to make a product that would last a life time, and then a few more lives added in. One of the most popular items was the Blankets made there. For over a hundred years the Baron family worked this Wool Mill not only putting their love into its products but their heart and souls.
These Blankets can still be found from time to time, and in fact one of the last owners Dick Baron has told me he wished that he would have taken more of them for himself. I from time to time will browse EBay and the internet looking for one of these fantastic Blankets for sale. Most are going for the hundreds but now and then you can find one for a great price. It so happen that not more than two weeks ago I came across this beautiful original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket on EBay going for thirty bucks. My excitement could not be contained and I told my wife about it, only to be informed that we just it would be great to own we just did not have the money for it right now.
I passed on the bids and to tell the truth up to this weekend had forgotten all about it. Saturday I was hanging out with my second Family WPI. Yes my ghost hunting nuts that I love and would die for any one of them. We had dinner and a great time just sitting together talking not looking for ghost. These people have become more than just friends or family, they have a very deep and special place in my heart. We had Santa (Played by me of course) the kids had a great time playing Christmas Bingo, and just loved being together. We had set up a white elephant exchange, with gifts ranging from canned food, to classic Sinbad movies.
One last surprise for me as the night began to slow down, a gift from my team, my friends, and my family. I card that I will treasure and a large gift. Tears already falling down my eyes, I opened the gift only to find the very Blanket I had bided on a few weeks before. I am now the owner of an original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket from the greatest people in the World. I am just a big baby as more tears fell from my eyes. IF you don’t believe it there is a video up on facebook; the Blanket warm and on my bed. Thank you to my Team and these words cannot express how much I love each and every one of you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scrooge the Ghost hunter

Yes he was dead, dead as a door nail, but what would of happen if Scrooge would have had a KII in hand. I have asked myself this question a lot in the last few years. The Christmas Carol is my favorite Dickens story. Not just because it has ghost in it, I mean yeah that has a lot to do with it, but really I think of all his stories it is the one that touches me the most.
What if Scrooge would of known a bit more about the paranormal, how different would the story have been. First when Scrooge walked to the front door, the knocker turns into a ghost. I real Paranormal Investigator would have spent at least ten minutes trying to see if there was anything natural that could have made the door knob looks like a face? Did a wagon go by with a lamp on it, making a reflection? Passing it off as unknown Scrooge would of just headed up stairs with a Ba Humbug at the knob.
While sitting close to the fire and sipping a warm bowl of broth, the door bells began to slowly ring. Well this is an old house, with a lot drafts, and it is a bit windy outside. Then they all begin to ring, faster and faster making Scrooge jump up. Grabbing camera, and EMF he would start to check the wall for a breeze, and look for temperature drops, pulling the KII out of his bag Scrooge would begin asking questions “Is there someone here with me?” a long pause “If you’re here can you touch this device I have in my hand and make it light up?” Even taken a few pictures and most likely find a few orbs (it is an old dusty house)
Just as he is gathering evidence Marley comes into the room, chains in hand and moaning right into Scrooges Audio recorder. “That is going to be a sweet EVP, I hope I got it on audio” Scrooge taking photo like a Japanese tourist seeing someone who looks like a movie star. Marley just standing there in shock; “SCROOGE” SCREAMS Marley shaking Scrooge back into reality, “Marley but you’re dead” Scrooge begins to take readings with the EMF and his thermostat, writing it all down in his notepad.
We all know Marley tells Scrooge he will be visited by three ghost, in the story Scrooge is not too happy about this, but if he was a Paranormal Investigator he would be yelling “WHEN BRING THEM ON.” Getting more equipment ready and setting up some IR cameras in his room.
The clock strikes Midnight and Instead of hiding under his covers, he would be taking pictures of the Ghost of Christmas past. “So you’re a ghost, Do you know you’re dead?” the ghost of Christmas past “Scrooge I am here to help you understand the true meaning behind Christmas” Taking Scrooges hand “OH MY I have had real physical contact with a ghost. The guys on the team will never believe this.” Scrooge just looks down as he holds the hand of the ghost of Christmas past; passing through the wall they move to Scrooges school as a child.
Camera flash going off, and audio recorder on, Scrooge keeps trying to talk to himself from the past “Can you see me?” Running his hand through his past self “Can you feel that?” as the Ghost of Christmas past just stands there in awe. Moving forward they are now at Mr. Fizziwig counting house, Scrooge looking for some extra batteries saying something about power drain, as the images from the people at the party dance by.
Back at his home Scrooge would try to keep the Ghost of Christmas past there as long as he could, when finally the ghost would just leave because he would be sick of all the questions. As the Ghost of Christmas present shows up in the other room, Scrooge looking at all the food placing new batteries in his camera and marking his audio. “How are you making all this food, it smells real. Yes has to be phantom smells.” The Ghost of Christmas presents “Know me better good man?” Scrooge jumps at the chance to join the spirit taking the Ghost robe with the excitement of a child seeing Christmas presents under the tree for the first time. As they approach Scrooges nephews home Scrooge checks his equipment one more time. “This is unbelievable I have never gotten this much evidence at one time.” The Ghost of Christmas Present laughing his belly laugh “Oh the best is still to come.” holding the KII meter as the lights go off and on.
At Cratchit’s more questions about phantom smells, Scrooge would start to understand that there is more to life than money and chasing ghost. We see Scrooge start to soften his heart and still take more pictures. With the line from tiny Tim “God Bless us everyone” the room fades and Scrooge finds himself in bed, staring at the Ghost of Christmas Future. “Of all the spirits I have seen tonight you are the one I am scared of the most” Scrooge cowers in his bed, “I do not like Dark shadows”
The ghost of Christmas Future points at Scrooge with a skinless finger, his black robe drooping from his arm “Do I really have to join you, I have more audio to go over then I could ever wish for, and I think I understand now. Yes I will keep Christmas from this day forward, no need for you to show me the future ” Scrooge leaning back the Ghost of Christmas future fingers almost looks as if it will drill a hole in Scrooges chest as the KII meter goes off and flashes over and over again. “Oh I understand you will not leave until I join you, fine I will go but let me get my Ouija board first” slowly climbing from his bed.
Scrooge finds himself back in Cratchet home, looking at Tiny Tim’s crutch “I wonder if that is now haunted?”as he tries to pick it up and get some readings from it. Than to the pawn shop, he sees his bed curtains and night shirt, in the house maids hands “That cow I am so going to haunt that women” leaning over his house maid shoulder yelling BOO in her ear. Off to the cemetery “Really Spirit any real Paranormal Investigator knows cemeteries are not very haunted so there is no need for us to be here.” Trying not to fall in the open grave “Sprit I really need to go home now I have all the evidence I can get for one night and need to go over all of it. It is going to take days, and then uploading it to the website.”
The Ghost of Christmas Future moves closer to Scrooge “Really sir I have had my fare share of spiritual contact for one night, no need to give me more” Falling into the grave. Waking up in his bed, jumping as if he was a young man once more; “so much to do, yes so much” Running to the window looking at the fresh snow on the ground and the boy running in front of his house. “You there young boy”
“Me Sir” cried the boy “Yes, what a smart lad, you know the newspaper down the street” Scrooge yells with so much excitement he almost goes horse “I need you to run there and get the reporter Oh what is his name?” The boy in shock “You mean the big fat one who does the strange stories?”
“Yes, yes that is the one, go and fetch him now and there will be a gold coin in it for you.” Not even waiting for more instruction the boy runs off. The next day the paper reads “Scrooge the proof of afterlife.”
Would this have changed the story, not by much In the end Scrooge would still help out Cratchit’s, Tiny Tim would live a long life, and start his own paranormal team. Scrooge would leave the loaning business to his nephew and have his own Paranormal show on some network where he would never capture all that he did that Christmas eve would be soon find himself faking activity just to keep it on the air. As for the sprites of Christmas they would end up doing the late night talk shows talking about how they changed Scrooges life.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Frog in the Water

So I was once told if you drop a frog in to a pot of boiling water it will jump right back out, take that same frog and place it in cold water than slowly increase the temperature it will not move and die. We as Americans do the same thing. You may be saying what are you talking about, let’s look at just ten years ago. Before September 11th, we could walk into an airport and say good bye to our family and friends as they left for a flight. Now we have to almost say goodbye in the parking lot and soon it will not even be that. Now I am not saying anything bad about the men and women who work for TSA but the people who run this organization have taken away our freedoms in the name of safety.
I for one never want to see another day like September 11th; I was angry, sad, and well wanted to hunt the men down that did this to my country. Somewhere between then and now we have forgotten why we have machines that almost take a pornographic photo of us, our loved ones, or our children. We have strange men touching our children, girlfriends, or spouse that if someone did it on the street we would kick their ass. Yet we stand there and do it in the name of Freedom, and safety.
I for one will no longer fly, unless I have no other choice. The airport is not the only place we have given up some of our freedoms in the name of Safety, go and renew your driver’s license, or a passport. There is talk of more security in the name of Safety, train stations, bus stations, subways, and so much more. I want to tell you about a group that started something like this not too long ago. You would have to show your ID if you were out to late, just to drive to a different city there would be check points, to keep its citizens safer they asked people to turn in their guns, to help control trouble makers they would be arrested, or placed in projects with people who felt or thought the same way. Slowly the government started to take away property in the name of security and safety, you could not walk down the street without being stopped by this new organization that were not police, but a group set up by the government, run by the government. They were given the right to search anyone they felt were suspicious, or did not look right. People were arrested and taken late at night with no warring, not to be seen again. Who was this; ask a German who is over the age of sixty, they would be happy to let you know about the S.S.
Now you may say this will never happen here, and all I can say is look at what has happen in just a few years. We have a new organization that is set apart to make sure we remain safe, called Homeland Security. They have their own force that has no training in law enforcement called TSA; they are in charge of the borders. They can and have set up check points, stopping anyone they feel. Yet still hundreds of people cross the border each day.
No I am not a conspiracy nut; I just look at what I have seen and what is going on. Now what would I do well for one, allow honest citizens to carry guns on plans. Yes do you think a terrorist would try to take over a plan if they thought or even felt two or three people on board were armed? Go on the defense not the offence. Take the airports back and yes if someone looks, acts, or has the same last name of someone from the Middle East pull them aside. You want safety than stop hiding behind the skirt of racism. Profiling has been and will continue to be the best way to stop bad people for doing bad things, and if you think you do not profile walk down the same street as a homeless person is standing and I’ll watch you cross the road to avoid them. Ask any cop who they would stop first, a man in suit or a teen kid wearing jeans long hair and a Hoddle? If you’re like me and worry about the way this country is going than stand up and say NO, and then sit down. Do not fight back, do not break the law, just sit down, and do not move until it all changes. We still have rights, we still can say no, we are not like those in post World War two Germany; we still are free, if you think I’m crazy, or this will never happen. Than go ahead and believe what you like but someday I will say told you so.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No words can express

SO last night I sat here on my computer trying to write this blog, I wanted to express my feelings and respect for those men and women who have devoted their life to the military. I was imposable for me to put it down on words on how I feel. I am the son, Grandson, and Great grandson of a Veteran. I grew up in the Military and know I could never do what they do. I am too stubborn and well lazy some days, for those men and women who have given their time and in some cases their life for my freedom I honor you.
I would like to share with you a story I blogged about on facebook some months ago and I wanted to share it again with all of you. Around three years ago I was thinking of my father who passed away when I was twelve years old. I some days think of what my life would have been like if he had lived, I am not sure if it would have been better or worse as what I did in the past is what made me who I am today. My family lived in Holland for many years as my father served in the Air Force, at a small base called Amsterdam airbase. I came across a website dedicated to the men and women who had spent time at this base and that it would soon be closed for good. I was excited to see photos of those who had once served there so I began looking at them with a small hope of coming across one of my father. I do not have many photos of him and cherish the ones I do have.
As I browsed the website and saw places that I remembered I came across a photo of a painting my father had done. My father loved art and had been drawing and painting since he was a very young boy. The excitement of finding not only this picture but to see his name listed under as the artist was more than I could have hoped for. I sent an email off to the webmaster and asked about the panting, not really hoping to get a response back I let it go for the night. To my surprise the very next day I received an email back, the man said he knew of the painting and had seen it himself but was sure it had followed the wolf pack (the air squad name) to Germany. He gave me the name of the base and wished me luck.
After some research I found a contact name and sent this email.
“Hello, my name is Tom Carr my father served in the Air Force many years ago with the Wolf Pack at Amsterdam air base. Sadly he passed away when I was twelve years old, I happen to see a photo of a painting he had done for the base commander back in 1976 and was wondering if you could tell me if this painting was still around.
Thank you for your time
Tom Carr
A son of a lost father”
I again had a small hope that I would get a response, but yet again no more than a day later I received a response back.
“Dear Mr. Carr
Thank you for your request about your fathers painting, in fact I know this panting and it still hangs on the wall. It has become a sort of tradition for pilots to throw a dart at the painting before they leave for a flight. We would be honored to return this painting to you. We would first like our art department to make a copy so we could still honor your father and your loss.
Thank you”
This painting now hangs in my home, and is one of the two only pieces of art I have of my father. I have always known that those in the Military take care of their own, but I now know they have more honor than even I though. To serve in the armed forces is not just a nine to five job, these men and women do not spend two or twenty years defending our freedom but they are always a part of that defense and will be willing to stand up again. I honor those men and women today and I would hope everyone takes a minute to remember those who are now fighting for our freedom. Thank you

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YES I voted, and no I do not want a sticker

OK so today I did something I have tried to do every chance I could; I voted. Yes I went and cast my mind for what I believe will be the Real Change but most likely will just end up being two more years of us all bitching. But with that said I wanted to say a few things about the voting process.
Tonight my wife and I went to stand for America and our rights to be citizens, yes anyone who does not know this they need to read a bit of history. To vote is something only a living of age citizen can do in their country and this year may turn out to be one of the biggest voter turn outs in years, to show that most of us here in America are just not happy with the so called Change. But as I handed my drivers license over to the poll worker I found the first thing I find a bit disturbing. I signed my name with a pencil maybe this is a small thing but I am putting my name on a piece of paper stating I Tom Carr was here to vote, maybe just maybe this is something that should be done in pen. I mean I can’t get a driver’s license anymore without showing my birth certificate, social security card, my old license, blood test, and a DNA sample (OK maybe not the blood and DNA sample but I’m sure it’s coming). My right to vote is the one thing I can do right in this country I mean even if the ones I voted for do not win I have the right to say HEY I VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY, or if my people do win I can say YEAH YOUR RIGHT I SCREWED UP. IF you do not stand in line and sign your name with a pencil you have the right to SHUT UP.
Next I walked up to the booth and I have to say I like how the electronic ballets work and well feel. I am an old guy and I remember the days we had to push a whole into a paper and hope we did not mess up. With the new ballets we not only cast our vote we get a chance to say oops I messed up and fix it before we push the RED button. So for sure this time I can’t say well it was the ballet I really wanted to vote for the other guy.
Last and I only say this because it is something that has bugged me from the first time I ever voted the little sticker they give you after your done. Yes the “I VOTED” with a thumb print on it. Look ok so your happy we came and really did what we should all do, but as far as I am concerned YOU ARE CASTING a secrete ballet than you go walking around saying HEY LOOK I VOTED. OK you can do that if you like, really it’s up to you but let me say this if you’re proud of voting maybe you do not vote enough. So wear your little badge with honor and I really hope you go again next year, as for me I am going to just vote and be proud I can.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Todd may be laughing but I know he was scared

SO three years ago I sent an email to Todd and Erin the morning radio host on B98.7 here in Salt Lake. I wanted to come on and talk about ghost, to my surprise Erin turned out to be a Ghost hunting Junkie. I went on for five minutes but ended being on for half an hour, it was so much fun and Todd asked me back (Erin told me later Todd never ask people to come back) so the next week I came on and Erin asked if we could take some listeners on a Ghost hunt, I was like Hell yeah let’s do it. So began the start of Erin's Ghost hunt for the last three years we have taken many listeners on small investigations with us. Todd has been on two with us now and I have come to one simple conclusion Todd starts to make more fun and laugh the more scared he gets. I may be wrong but after last night I am almost sure of this.
This weekend we took ten Listeners with us to the Baron Woolen Mill, this has become such a spot for us I love it and only want to do all I can to save it from being destroyed. We started with lots of Pizza (sorry Dominoes guy for not giving a Tip) and talking a bit of history and some of the events we as a Team have had happen in the Mill. I have to say I think I will be having Todd be my researcher from now on he had found out so much about the Mill; some things even I did not know.
Each guest was having a great time, and the night continued on, the activity was good but not real high, well OK between me Todd, Riley and Russ there was some activity but most of it was Erin rolling her eyes at the four of us. I joined the group in the main building and had one of the strangest things happen to me ever at the Mill.
There is one room in the building we believe a young woman was killed in, still trying to dig up more info but anyway I walked into the room and asked if she would like us to help her move on to the other side. No more than thirty seconds passed and I felt as if I was surrounded but ten or fifteen people about ready to charge and beat me to death. I was shocked and well even felt scared. I knew that I was not ready to face this many spirits at once. I decided to leave after all I had just gotten out of the hospital and really was a bit weak and drained. This is not the best mental state to be in on a ghost hunt, you are more open and the chance of not protecting your self is much lower.
I went back to the main building and just took some time to feel more at easy. Heading back out again I had the chance to take Todd and Erin around on a private tour of this great Historical site. So far I have gone over about an hour of audio from that night and have found three class A EVPS. Tune in on Tuesday the 26th to B98.7 around 6:20 am to hear what we found.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I love Halloween

SO Halloween is not only a great time for us paranormal nuts, but really there are so many reasons I love Halloween. Let’s start the list, first I have such great memories of Halloween hanging with friends going door to door begging for candy; because really that was what we did. Dressing up with whatever we could find. No it was not the store bought costume but old jeans, or our dads shirts. Make up was what we could find; sometimes it was food color for the hair, and some water and cornstarch to white out our faces. We would be Zombies, werewolf’s, vampires that did not glitter or just ghost. We would get together and theme it all out. I remember all dressing like the old lady’s from Monty Python, or we all went in white sheets with holes for the eyes. My friends laughing every time we would come across a clown as I ran away screaming into the night.
Pillow cases in hand, flashlights nowhere to be found. The gang looking for candy and no one stopping us, we were the four amigos and no one could destroy our fun. This was a time where parents did not worry that their kids were out, or when we got home. As we grew older it changed from door to door to the dance at the Masonic Temple. Sneaking up to the third floor to find the ghost Charlie or taking a girl up trying to scare them. The music could be heard faintly and it always seemed to rain that night. Wind blowing outside the light casting shadows on the walls. The smell was strong of pipe tobacco and old spice. The painting’s on the wall almost seemed to move with each passing shadow, growing closer with each steep we would move down the hall to places we knew we should not be. The danger the excitement and fear mixed with Rock Lobster playing softly in the back ground. As we moved to the next floor walking into the auditorium we could feel the energy and the fear was pouring off us like sweet on a fat man in a sauna. The more we would move towards the center the fear would grow. The voice screamed at us drowning out all noise, the wind would not move, the shadows held still waiting for us to move “GET OUT” we all ran screaming as we ran. I running into an alter sitting in the center of the room, going down in pain. More screams as my good friends ran for their life as I cried in pain just waiting for the Ghost Charlie to come finish me off. Making my way down the stairs what seemed like a day later but was really only a few minutes we laughed and cried and wanted more.
Halloween was not just candy it was time for us to gather as friends, to see who could scare the other, staying up late watching every scary movie we could find, and being up so long the site of leather face would make us laugh. Eating pizza and throwing popcorn at each other. Girls next to us laughing and screaming right along with us. One Halloween we wanted something new so we started a new tradition all evil players in one real fun game of Dungeon and Dragons. This would start something that would happen every year, and one of my favorite characters my Barbarian Gronter. Yes my alter ego the name of my production company and well the monster that lives inside of me. He began as a Chaotic Evil but slowly became Chaotic Good. We gamers will know what I’m talking about.
Now I am almost forty, kids of my own and Halloween is such a different holiday. Door to door has changed to trunk or Treat, horror films have become just gore, and well costumes can’t have anything violent on them. The Candy is still the same and we still look at every piece, we watch The Great Pumpkin, and by bags of candy hopping that some day we would get more than two kids at our door. Halloween is still my favorite holiday and love how now it’s not just costumes but for me it’s spending time with good friends looking for ghost. Teaching others my love of the Paranormal, hopping we see something that will scary us just like the night we spent on the upper floors of the Masonic Temple. Someday I will return with a recorder in hand and ask Charlie if he remembers scaring me twenty years ago. Enjoy Halloween all and remember have fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The ER Will never be the same

OK so Tuesday I went in to get a shot required for my new job. It was just a tetanus shot yes just a shot so if I steep on a nail I would not loss my leg. OK so I have had a tetanus shot before never had issues but no I have to get one with something new. I was told that it could make you feel a bit ill, a bit would be the understatement. Not more than two hours later I felt like Pestilence walked up and slapped me on the face said HI how is you and here is something I felt you needed.
By one pm I was ready to just die, pain all over my right side, chills and well wanting to crawl into a fire somewhere to warm up. Off to the doctor I went. So after an hour sitting there waiting to go in, and blood drawn and every test done the Doctor said well it looks as if you are having appendicitis. Here are your chooses, 1 we cut you open (really not my idea of a good first choose) 2 we let you go home and if it gets worse you go in to the ER. Being the baby I am went with number two.
I am never a great sleeper, but strange dreams between hours of pain and wanting to die. I have to say the best dream I had was to rushing to the hospital for some reason my good friends over at Dungeon Crawler radio were at my house and my wife kids and the three of them piled into our car, with no room for me. So I had to drive myself, oh yes my mother and Randy her husband had tricked out our car, with flames neon green lights, wheels with little lights on them and some huge speakers in the back. Oh and the best part they were all just stickers. Yes when I am in pain I have some very strange dreams.
I got out of bed (note not woke up but got out of bed) feeling the pain and wanting to cut out the right side of my stomach with a sharp spoon, and knowing it would hurt but feel better than I felt right then. Now god bless my oldest boy, he stayed home from school to watch his little sister and was very angry he was going to miss school, man when I was eleven I would of stayed home to watch my little sister and not even asked for money to do so. Staci worried about me rushed me to the ER, if you ever need to go to the ER in Tooele I would say do it before 9 am that place is crazy after then.
I have the up most respect for nurses and I think they do not get the credit they deserve but our ER nurse had to put up with me and I really think I should send her some roses, I am a big teddy bear but when IM sick you may as well put a dipper on me and give me a pacifier. There were a few things I would of liked say a blood pressure cuff that was well bigger than my arm, and if she could of put my IV lead in anywhere other than the top of my wrist. I was seen by the doctor and he wanted to run some test, more blood drawn, and down to a gown. I am sure the hospital gowns were made to make you feel even more uncomfortable than you already feels, why they do this I will never know.
Moving to the next set of test the CT scan, here comes one more little fear of the ghost hunter who is scared of nothing I hate small spaces, I mean HATE SMALL SPACES now a CT scan is nowhere near as bad as a MRI but yes I am already stressed, not feeling well, wanting my pacifier, (diet Coke) and hopping this would be over soon the machine would not hurry up. Results still showed nothing, more confusion and time to admit me to the hospital. OK so here is the next fear will not fear but a place where anyone who has been hunting ghost as long as I have just does not like to hang out a Hospital is not one of those places I just go to for fun unless I have a digital recorder in hand and I am asking questions like, “can you tell me your name” or “what year is it”. Pain slowly growing a surgeon not sure what is going on and a bed designed by the Spanish inquisition. More test and still nothing, TV had about twenty channels with two that worked so I watched the Do It yourself channel all night long. The morphine wanting to kick in but the pain was too much for even me to get some sleep. I also believe every hospital room has a secrete camera in it so as soon as you fall asleep it is time for more test. With an IV pump alarm going off every two hours or sooner. Drugs, lack of sleep, and pain can turn this teddy bear into the werewolf we hall fear. I was for one happy my gun was home or this blog would have been titled the Prison will never be the same. By morning I was ready to go home crawl into my own bed and just cry. After all of this the surgeon still not sure what was wrong and feeling it was just the shot from Tuesday. What did I learn from all of this, shots, and I do not mix. I am feeling better now but the pain is still there on top of the drugs, eating yogurt, puddings, and lots of water down ten pounds and really never ever wanting to spend that much time in a hospital again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The reincarnated H.P Lovecraft

About six years ago I was introduced to H.P Lovecraft, I had heard of some of his work but never read any. I found my love very few books have ever truly scared me like Lovecraft’s work. One thing that so many knew and understood about Lovecraft was he encouraged others to use is writing and go with it. Understand Lovecraft was a master of showing the way a person could slowly go insane, in the early nineteen hundreds his writing was strange and very unique . With a culture and time where the paranormal and new interest in spiritualism; the Old ones were the true Gods, Cthulhu would rise again, and anyone seeking out the truth of the true Gods would find themselves going insane.
Many have tried to bring the pure genius that Lovecraft shared with his work, most have failed. About a year ago I was introduced to Larry Corriea by a good friend and other writer fantastic fantasy author Paul Genesse of The Iron Dragon series. Larry had been to one of my lectures a few years before at a con in Salt Lake. To say we hit it off from the start would be an understatement, a big guy who loves food, Monsters, and guns need I say more. I picked up his first book Monster Hunter International, could not put it down, very few authors can write horror and keep you on the edge of your seat. Larry had done it from page one. I found myself up one night until five am not wanting to put the book down. The twist and adventure was more than just gun fights it was a modern day Lovecraft. This last week I finished his second book Monster Hunter Vendetta. Once more I could not put it down. So I am one who believes Larry Corriea is either the reincarnated H.P Lovecraft or has his ghost in his closet. SO here you all go the review for MONSTER HUNTER VENDETTA

From page one I found myself laughing and wanting to jump in the pages to earn my smile monster patch. Yes I am talking about the long awaited second book to Monster hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta. Larry Corriea is not only a gun nut, (not that there is anything wrong with that) but he has taken some of the greatest monsters we all love and folded them into a world full of Lovecraft. Each page brings us wanting more and more to grab our guns and go kick some MONSTER ASS. The soft but hard characters are not some super humans but men and women you would find next door, Larry has a way of wanting you to cheer for the good guys but you also find yourself wanting to cheer for more monsters to see what new way MHI can kick some butt. His humor, accurate use of weapons and ammo, the description of tactical fighting almost makes you feel Larry was a combat trainer for the Marines. His books also find a way to mix magic and modern day war far into redneck Elves, g banging gnomes and internet spam hacking Trolls. Not only do you fall in love with the main characters also want more of the supporting ones. MHV takes you into a world where your boss is a werewolf, and the government has the men in black Frankenstein.
The more pages I turned the more I wanted it to not end, but I could not put it down. Larry has a gift for monsters, and if you are even slightly into them this book is for you. This New York best seller is a most for anyone who loves laughing, guns, and reading about Zombies getting their heads blown off. I give Monster Hunter Vendetta 20 stars out of 10 for not only drawing you in, but for the use of the name Mr. Trash bags (trust me once you read it you will understand)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shields up Mr. Scott

OK just like Star Trek, we have the gift to call for shields up. NO this is not some force field that will stop the lasers or photon torpedo's from hitting us, but we can help protect us from the sometimes over whelming feeling spirits can make us have, the emotions they can project on to us. I have for years worried that too many people who are new in this field tend to be way to open and am letting things we deal with in too deep before we are really ready for it.
Wither you believe or not that spirits can make us feel as they do or did that is up to you, but really having some way to protect yourselves is very important. You do not have to be as complicated as thinking you are in shield it could be as simple as a prayer, or saying something before you start a ghost hunt. IT comes down to what do you believe, I once had a Baptist preacher say to me "I have never seen a ghost run from the name of Christ" I responded "I have but he was Jewish" if you do not believe in Christ, than saying his name would not work for you. It comes down to faith, and really I have not run into too many Atheists in ghost hunting but there could be.
I have my own sort of protection and beliefs and mine may not work for you, but I will share with you what I do when I am feeling over whelmed. I will first say in my head look your starting to freak me out I need you to back off, now there is no proof that a spirit, ghost or whatever you call them can hear your thoughts. But it really comes down to do you believe that it will help, many times what we are feeling could just be us or mind playing tricks on us. SO let’s say that helps and I am feeling better GREAT it worked and I can go on pissing off ghost as always, but there are times that it does not work at all. Next steep say it out loud. IF there is something there than it should hear you at that point, but it can be a bit shocking to the people next to you I mean if you yell out "Hey you’re freaking me out right now" you may have a few people steep back and look for the straitjacket. If you are really getting freaked out it is a good idea to let people around you something is happening, trust me knowing that someone has your back will not hurt. Also it can also get your team ready with cameras, audio, and any other equipment they many have. Like my team when I start saying I am feeling something they are pointing their cameras and audio my direction. Yes they all love to use me as a target and well so do I.
Now let’s say that talking in your head did not help, and saying it out loud only makes things a bit more active it’s time for the hamster ball, yes go to your local pet store and ask for a human size hamster ball. If you do find one let me know where you got it and also make sure there are holes in it so you can breathe. NO it’s not a real hamster ball just think you are inside one, also think that no matter what nothing can get inside that ball, almost as if you have that force field and you’re ready to take on the photon torpedoes. If things are getting real crazy and you still feel as if you can’t shake it it’s time to steep out, walk away. There is no need for anyone new in this to get picked up and tossed around the room, no need to get hurt. The longer you have been investigation the more you can stay and let the feelings come in but really if you have been only doing this a few weeks months than its time for you to take it in steeps.
Look if you want to go on a ghost hunt and get punched, kicked, or pushed to the ground that is your choose but really after a bit you’re going to get sick of being the punching bag for your team. Take this in time and learn how to control what you feel or hear. One last thing if for some reason you want to stick around and you pass out or get scratched even hit don't say I did not warned you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I swear Officer The Ghost was drinking not me

OK so I one huge rule on ghost hunts, and I think that it is one rule that should be followed by anyone that is into the paranormal. NEVER EVER DRINK ALCOHOL on a ghost hunt, with that said I have been working on my ability to tune into what I am filing on ghost hunts. Last night was one of the strangest things to happen to me in a long time. The Baron Woolen Mill as many of you know has a very special place in my heart I love this Historical building and whenever I pull up and see more damage done it breaks my heart. I love history and all that goes with it. That is one of the truly deep reasons I ghost hunt, yes I look for ghost but I love to hang out in some great Historical places. Reading old Grave stones, or coming across a can or product from fifty years ago. It lets me know that there were people here, and that some had a love for the places we visit. The Mill has its little corners that many do not go to or even know about I have walked, stood and in some cases crawled in every corner.
I have for a long time felt that the spirit we call the Caretaker had a bit of a drinking issue when he was alive, now I have no way to prove what I am saying but there have been times we have smelt stale beer. I have wondered if this man would go off in the late hours of the night and have a smoke with something a bit stronger than coke to wash it down. Last night I have to say I may be right.
It started with us in what we call the warehouse one of the buildings on the outer part of the main work area, the activity has slowly increased and a spot we use to think of as dead (as in no real ghost activity) has grown to be one of the more interesting spots in all of the location.
Next to the warehouse is another building that we never go in, the door stays closed and really we have never had or wanted to hang in this building until last night. I walked out the back door to the warehouse for those that have been there this is the way we go when we are taking a tour to head over the sheep shearing area. The door that is close was wide open and it has always been the place I have felt if any homeless person was to sleep in it would be this building. I thought or felt someone in the building and saw a shadow pass in front of me, worried there could be someone alive could be in the building I asked the group I was with to stay outside as I cleared the building. I walked into the room and got a strong smell of stale beer. My alarm buttons went up and I started to ask out loud if anyone was in here. I got a smell of cigar smoke and I really was worried at this point. What if there was someone in there, some homeless guy just sleeping or trying to stay out of the weather.
I slowly walked down each row of racks, with no one but me in the building. I invited people that were with my group to come in, I had a KII meter (a device we use to detect Electronic Magnetic Fields that some believe ghost will manifest themselves with this energy) I was standing in the back of the building and a few people began to see a mist grow from the floor between my legs. I could feel a cold spot slowly move up my leg and then to my chest, I could smell the beer once more and the cigar smoke. I was taken over with an almost dizzy filling and was having some vertigo. This continued for what I felt was ten minutes but I am it was much shorter. We had no hits on the KII and started to head out of the building off to spend some time in the Sheep shearing area. I started to taste stale beer in my mouth and a strong burning feeling in my chest; I could not stand still and was starting to slier my words. I got the giggles and felt very light headed, I than started to have a hard time standing and was feeling as if I was drunk. I had to have helped walking and could not stay in a straight line. I put my shields up and almost that second I was fine.
I am not a drinker, even though I have had a drink or two many years ago. I have to say that was one of the strangest events that has ever happen to me in years, as to why or how it happen I cannot say but if I could say than I guess it would not be Paranormal.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Geek Vs Jock why IM a Geek

So as the big sports season begins with Football and Basketball starting I wanted to take a minute to talk about why I'm a Geek not a Jock. Look I once would spend my Sunday's glued to a TV watching my team go all the way, toss food at the screen and cry when they lost. But as I grew I came to understand the real me the guy who carries his Dice in his laptop bag, who knows what it means when someone says I think that guy just rolled a 1. The jocks are those guys and some girls who talk about the game Monday and spend hours and hours watching a bunch of guys run around chasing a pig around 100 yards. I do not miss those days at all, I do though miss the Friday nights hanging with my friends pretending to be a Elf, or Dwarf. Grabbing the dice and the pulling the sword from its sheath (taking my hand to my hip and thinking there really is a sword there) kissing my dice and begging for that 20 when I so need it.
Walking around a town looking for that one shop that can fix my busted staff of the Magi only knowing there is not a soul who can. You may have your couch and remote, yes you have the jersey that with your name on the back and dream that someday you will play on your teams field. Crying my team lost last night, or screaming my team won even though your not really a member, or have ever played for that team. You keep believing someday you will live out your dream of passing the ball to your sports hero, I for one will live my dream and kill that red Dragon with my +2 long sword, I will and have roll that 20 on my die that has never ever failed me or screamed as my die rolled that 1 and I tossed it across the room. I have spent days trying to finish an adventure, traveled the worlds of J.R.R Tolkien and seen the inside of the Green dragon so what if it was only in my mind what have you the Jock done watched a few games sitting on a couch even some of you have been lucky enough to spend hundreds of dollars to get a seat at a real game, only to drink stale beer and nachos that cost 50 bucks and gives you heartburn so you miss half the game.
Take your long lines to go to the bathroom, or squeezed in some seat with two guys next to you with their shirts off painted in some team colors.
I will spend days at cons with people dressed in their hero's and no matter what anyone says girls dressed like slaves from Star wars, I will drink my high caffeinated soda so I can get one more hour in of game time. Yes and finally the main reason Geeks will always be better than Jocks we have always looked like this where the Jock well they just get fat and ugly with age.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A monster hunter, Dragon Huter, the Devil, and a hairy dwarf

I have in the last two years been invited into a click, yes I said it just like in high school the jocks, the rich kids, and those ones you stayed away from. Well the click I have been hanging with are the ones who played the strange games, who walked down a hall and saw the story that could have happened or would happen in the hall. Yes I'm talking about authors. I have always loved books and love to read even more one of my dreams would be to have my book published and to sell at least one, this year I made that dream come true and it has gotten me into this very speical and closed click or group, writers. Yes I have been to many book signings and spent time in line waiting for my five seconds to ask one or two questions and have the author put a small message in a book. But today I went to a signing for eight authors six of them I know and two I am proud to call friends. Larry Correia, and Paul Genesse,two the greatest and nicest guys you will every meet. They have introduced me to this little private club that not only love to write but love the people who read their work. SO today I put in my hands Larry Correia's second book Monster Hunter Vendetta and just like the first I found myself not wanting to put it down after the first page. I also spent a little time with a new and growing closer friend Riley I would call him the coolest Dwarf you will ever meet, IM not talking about someone who is short Riley like me is a huge geek and yes we play that game Dungeon and Dragons and trust me Riley is the pure Dwarf. I love this guy as a brother who has a great humor and is a big teddy bear, hanging with these three friends I could not think of a better way to spend time in a book story.
Later tonight I spent time with some other friends, no not on a ghost hunt, or walking around some old building we went to dinner and a movie. Russ, Stephanie, Ralph, Ralph's wife Chris, Jules, and my lovely wife Staci. Dinner was BBQ Famous Dave's movie was the Devil.
Many hate M Night Shyamalan, I for one love his films. I love the shock and the twist, the way he tells a story with not only the actors but the camera have reminded me of horror films that do not need to use gore to shock or scare the watcher but use the idea or thought to mess with your head. The Devil is one of those films, lets face it we all have fears I for one can walk around a dark building alone looking for ghost but if you put a clown holding a snake in that same building you will see me run out screaming, with that said I will let out one more fear. Being locked in an elevator stopped between floors, add a few other people in that elevator and you are just adding fuel to my phobia. The Devil plays on everyone's fears not knowing what will happen next. Like so many horror films today they turn to the blood, the crazy killer, or the just guts to make you sick as you wonder if you should have passed on the popcorn. This one lets your mind wonder what just happen with moments of noting but black scree and sound. Who did it, what just happen, and what will we see when the lights come back on. Leaving you wanting to see more but turning the lights off just as you think you will find out. The end gives you the real feeling behind M Night Shyamalan films the moral the real reason we believe what we just saw could happen to us tomorrow, as you walk out and the lights come up you say WOW. The devil is a fantastic look at the evil we all have, the way we judge ourselves and others. I have to say few films today make you look inside your self and wonder could I look the devil in the eye and say yes I have been forgiven. All in All was a great Saturday even if I was not looking for a ghost.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A night in the Dungeon

So I had the best time tonight hanging with the guys from Dungeon Crawler Radio tonight. I was a guest on their podcast with a good friend and fantastic author Paul Genesse. We talked about putting Roll Playing back in RPG, and than They spoke with Paul about his books the Iron Dragon Series. We moved on to Horror films something that I just love. If you are a fan of Podcast you need to check out these guys and if you are looking for something great to read go to

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Extra Credit Makes one of my dreams come true

As I slowly grow closer to the tender age of forty, I look back at my life like so many of us do and say what have you done with your life. Call it a midlife crises, or just time for a life change, but as a teen me and many of my friends would grab the camcorder (you know the one so big you had to put it on your shoulder) and go make short films, we had so much fun but really they were for us and many of these films I hope never come to the surface but over this weekend I was able to take one more thing off my bucket list.
Around two months ago I was approached by a new friend Tim Conyers, we were asked to submit a short film to the Salty Horror Film fest being held in Salt Lake this November. Taking this with a rush we talked and tossed Ideas around. We had the location, and the cast, now we need a great idea. Not wanting to give to much of the story away let me say this is not your typical horror film and even though its only going to be ten to twelve minutes long after watching Paul Wheeler Tim's Production partner shoot and line up these shots this is going to be the start of a continuing story, with talks of the sequel. The working title was extra Credit and the cast crew and location made this film.
Friday was day one most outside and we were done in four hours, anyone that has been on a film set knows the issues just the sun can bring. But the open shots were fantastic and it just set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Saturday began around noon most do not know this but horror films are shot in the day time, and the night is added in post. The cast was great and we started with day two. Walking around the Baron Woolen Mill shooting a horror film turned out to increase the activity in this great haunted location. By midnight most of the cast would not walk around alone and some of us ghost hunters just wanted to grab our equipment and go investigate. The shot wrapped up at 3 am with an ending the comparable to the original House on Haunted Hill. It was such a joy to work with a great cast and crew, and I look forward to seeing it all put together after almost an hour and half of film I just feel sorry for Tim and Paul having to cut it down to twelve minutes.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

B98.7 and Erin Slumber Party

For two years now I have been invited to be a guest speaker at Erin's slumber Party. For those who don't know what this is a local Radio station B98.7 and one of their on air personality's Erin who runs the Morning show with her Husband Todd holds an event for her female listeners. They have everything thing there from Party gals who hold everything from little princes party's to well those adult party's no one talks about, to a plastic surgeon. I was asked to do a reading from my book Talking to Yourself in The Dark (How to Guide To the Paranormal) and to also hold a breakout about Ghost Voices.
As always both my breakouts were packed from teenage girls to Grandmas, asking questions like can Ghost hurt you, to why are they here. I had the pleasure of playing some new EVPS (Electronic voice phenomena) that have not been heard by anyone other than the team.
Over all I meet some great people and had such a great time as always, thanks to Erin and B98.7 for having me. I have to tell you about some of the fun moments from the night, and the best was walking into the breakout room right before my first lecture and the plastic Surgeon was right before me. I walked into the room and two women had breast implants in their hands. One said I like this one because it would not bounce as much when I run. Some of the things I walk into can be so interesting.
On the more tender side of the night, I have to say how much I love Erin from B98.7 she is such a sweet heart. I do not know the whole story but a young girl around 5 or 6 had to go home and Erin was giving her the biggest hug and telling her how sweet and beautiful she was. I am just an old softy but you could see how much Erin cares for her listeners and those who come to this event. It is my honor and joy to work with Todd and Erin and I look forward to more years of this event. So if you’re in the Salt Lake Area and want to hear two great people tune into Todd and Erin in the morning on B98.7

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movie Review The Crazies (2010)

The Crazies (2010)
Directed by Breck Eisner
Timothy Olyphant: David Dutten
Radha Mitchell: Judy Dutten
Joe Anderson: Russell Clank

A small town sheriff in Iowa finds the citizens of the town are going insane after drinking contaminated water.
OK I was a bit worried at first this was a remake of a George Romeo film and most of the time no one can beat the master of undead. I have to say I was impressed, I have always liked Timothy Olyphant and he does a fantastic job as a small town sheriff. This is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone with the local high school team open sessions baseball game is the start of spring, the local town drunk walks onto the field shot gun in hand and so begins the fall of this little town.
One thing I loved about this movie was the use of cinematography Maxime Alexandre as the Director of photography does an incredible job of putting the audience in the film, almost a Hitchcock feels with the music playing right along as you walk the path with the sheriff and his wife. Almost from the start of the movie you are drawn into this small town and you become a part of it. I found myself cheering for the town members against the army. The one thing I felt made this film so realistic is it could happen today, and bio out break and the US army coming in trying to take control. This small town would be the perfect place for the Army to try out a bio weapon and that I think ads to the whole fear in the film, you could see it happening to you.
The use of Gore was well done with again that Hitchcock feel not over done but giving you the view that it happen. One scene will never let you look at a pitchfork again, as the movie continues the suspense grows with each minute. Very rarely does a horror film come along that makes me wonder what will happen next this is one of them. I loved this movie and enjoyed the acting and story; it made me want to not drink water from the tap ever again. I give this one three stars out of five for Gore and six stars out of ten over all. Check this one out all.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Paranormal Campout and Ghost tour

June 25th, WPI hosted a camp out and Ghost tour to the old mine town of Frisco Utah located in Beaver County not far from Milford. In 1875 two prospectors named James Ryan and Samuel Hawks on their way to work found a deposit of Ore. The next day they posted a clam on the area and sold it fearing that it was not a large deposit when in fact it would produce over twenty five thousand tons of Ore with a high content of Silver in the next five years.
The town it self slowly grew and became a large community but like many towns built around mining they would die in the 1920s. What remains are some old buildings a cemetery that needs a lot of work and the ghost of those who worked this area.
We set up camp no more than a 100 yards from the cemetery with 13 of us looking forward to a great night of ghost hunting. Dinner was pot luck and man we were lucky, Dutch oven potatos, some vegetables stemed in a Dutch Oven, great baked beans, and lots of fun. Around 9 pm we set off to the cemetery hoping to talk to some of the miners who made their finale resting place here. I for one hate to see cemetery's left to rot and this one has had more than rot done to it, signs of people riding over graves with ATV's, weeds and sagebrush growing everywhere and most tombstones no longer able to be read. Many young children were put to rest here, as we know life on the plans can not be easy and even harder for the youth. With a full moon climbing over the mountains and putting a glow over the valley we headed to the old smelters about two miles from the camp site.
As a ghost hunter we see many historical sites like this being forgotten or taken over by government land management this ghost town is no different. Decay has set in and I would say 20 years from now there will be nothing left, as for the ghost that night not much was found have around four or five hours of audio to go over, but to say it was only about looking for ghost would be wrong. It was so good to hang with friends and people who have the same interests as each other, sitting around a camp fire laughing and having a great time. This will not be the last Paranormal Camp out and Ghost hunt WPI will do and we look forward to so many more.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boys night at the Baron Mill

Last night I spent six hours at the Baron Woolen Mill with some of Guys from the team, Doug, Riley, Russ, and David. Thank god no lady's joined us as we felt by the end of the night it was a slumber party back in Jr. High. With warnings that none of our wives will no be aloud to listen to the audio, and those that are not married who were there are warned not to post any of it. It was a great night for investigation with activity and many sounds that could not be explained. The night started in the boiler room, an area we feel is the most active in the location. The next hour was spent just sitting and asking some EVP questions and having a great time talking like most men do when they get together with out their wives. As the night grew darker if it is possible to even be darker in this part of the building we all felt an ominous feeling. A shadow could be seen at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor. With temperature drops of eight degrees, Doug feeling as if something would jump out at him any moment.
After an hour and half we moved to the Warehouse activity has slowly increased in this area with people pushed, scratched, and touched. Around ten minutes into sitting in the area a loud bang was heard on the building wall, no real wind and with inspection no trees in the area where the sound was heard. Russ and Riley at one point felt as if the area around them was growing darker only sitting around five feet from each other could not see each other.
The banging on the wall continued around every ten minutes, no more than an hour in this area we heard someone run along the outside of the building we split up into two teams and inspected the outside of the building with no one found.
After a short time we all headed back to the Boiler room once more, the feeling was very heavy and the air felt thick as if we were under water. The area was darker then I feel it has ever been and the feeling was even more dark and I for one felt as if I need to be ready to run at any second. The dark shadow was seen once more at the top of the stairs foot steeps could me heard on the second floor and David and Russ went up to see if anyone was in the building. We had locked the front door and if anyone had entered the building it would have been throw a broken window. After checking the building and making sure we were the only ones there we began to get more temperature drops and went down ten degrees in under three minutes. We continued to hear foot fall on the second floor, banging on the walls, and shadows up the stairs.
The night ended around 2 am and with a fantastic night, lots of laughs and it was nice to hang with good friends. I look forward to more long nights at the Baron Woolen Mill.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

They Kept saying my Name

Last night I held the last tour to the Baron Woolen Mill, we had a large group but man they all know how to ghost hunt. Starting around 8 pm and around 50 people we began the tour. Walking around this historical site is incredible so much to see and it saddens me to see it slowly falling apart. The night started off right as we split into teams and headed off to the areas we would be checking out for the first hour. I lead a group of girls, teens, and gun nuts ( could it get any better than that) starting off in the lower part of the Mill close to the Boiler the energy was high. So many things have happen in this area its hard to write them all down, from full apparitions to dark shadows. Tonight looked as if it would be a very active one.
Small KII hits (KII is a hand held EMF detector) with the lights starting to respond to questions asked. Twice for yes and once for no, we found that there were two spirits in the location with us both male and not to happy with us being there. As we walked into the back room we call the ash room the air it self felt as if it was full of energy. More communication with who we believe to be a young girl named Mary some of the women in the group could not even enter the room it self. I had invited my younger sister along with us and we were standing next to each other as what felt as if two hands pushed us a part to move past us. I at first thought she had seen something and got scared and pushed me out of the way to run, but as I looked she was leaning the other direction from me. I had a small scratch appear on my back. For about an forty minutes we continued to investigate.
We gathered back outside to move to the next spot when a dark shadow was seen at the top of a set of stairs and in the room next to us. One women even screamed after seeing the shadow. We were able to debunk one of the shadows, it would seem a light on the street and a tree were casting the shadow on one of the walls.
The most interesting part of the night would be start about 11:50 pm I had meet up with another group back in the boiler room Riley started to get a real bad headache when many of us heard a voice, I heard my name being said in a soft whisper. Than it would be said two more times as I headed out to check and see if someone was playing a joke on us and was saying the name in another part of the building. After I left and finding that no one was in the part of the building we heard my name being said I went to listen to the audio and check to see if I had captured the voice. Reviewing my audio I captured the voice and my name three times. In the meantime Rileys headache grew worse and he would black out and I was informed that my name was continued to be said, and growing louder as the minutes pasted. The Baron Woolen Mill has continued to amaze me and many others.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Conduit day two

Its late but I had a great time today. Started at 9 am setting up at the table, had a lot of people come by to the table and the guest of honor Barbara Hambly came by my table and talked with her for about twenty minutes. Barbara told this great story about her husband and the experience she had with him after he had passed what a great story, I wont share it here but I am sure it is on her blog. The funny thing was I had no idea who she was, until late tonight Paul Genesse was talking about here address and the experience she had with her husband, I was shocked to find out it was her. What a great lady very down to earth. Around 2 pm I ran a RPG (roll playing game) called Paranoia XP, had five players and had a fantastic time. With the end having them all die in a Thermal Nuclear Explosion. The Masquerade was way cool and I have to day the Hat costumes were the best but all were fantastic. I ended today with an interview with KTalk 630 am. Tomorrow is going to be a much busier day, first panel is at 10 am on podcast, than 11:00 am I have a reading with Paul Genesse man what an act to follow, Noon I have a panel on Doctor Who or who is John Smith. Free for the next three hours and my last panel will be at 4 pm "History, Folklore, and The Paranormal" Good night all.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conduit Day One

May 28th, I am at the Downtown Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love this con, it is their 20 year anniversary. Started the day off as a Mediator for a panel on Time Travel with one of my good friends Paul Genesse. Was a blast have to say I was a bit nervous since I have never been a Mediator but still a great time. Little later I had a panel on Voices from the Dead: so much fun meeting people interested in the paranormal. Had some great questions and some very interesting people. Later that night held a basic Ghost hunting class and went over safety and how to ask EVP questions and types of haunting. off to bed and day two tomorrow.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lecture at Neumont University

Wow what a great time at Neumont University tonight. Meet some great people and had some great questions asked. Neumont University is a school that deals with Computer Science, these kids and I mean kids (I felt very old standing in front of them) get their Bachelors in Computer science in a 2 years or sooner. Some stay on and get their Masters. So to say I was in a room with people a lot more smarter than me would be an understatement. At one point I was asked a questions that I swear it sounded as if the teacher from those old Charlie Brown Cartoons asked it. The words this kid used would of made Steven Hawking feel lost. Played some EVP and we showed some photos. Not to say the sloppy Joes were GREAT. Look forward to go back and talk more to these kids.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dungeon Crawler Radio

Hi all,

so Monday night I spent three hours with Dungeon Crawler Radio. I love these guys and if your a geek like me this is your show. We talked about ghost, movies, some RPG and the Titanic trip. So check them out We did have some interesting issues that night. Towards the end of the night when we were playing some EVP's I had we started having technical issues. Mics not working, some of the tracks would not play than they would we even had an EVP just start playing. Listen to the show it was a great time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ghost hunt with a Monster and Dragon Hunter

Last night I had the chance to take two of my favorite authors on a ghost hunt to Mercur Cemetery. If you have not had the chance to check this place out you should. We started the night with Dinner at Wingers meeting Larry Correia the Author of Monster Hunter International and Paul Genesse Author of The Iron Dragon Series I have had the opportunity to have Paul on three other hunts but this was the first with Larry. We headed to Mercur Cemetery around 7:30 and begin around 8 pm.
The small hike to the top of the hill is always a great way to start this adventure and after a short history of the location we started some EVP work. Mercur being an old Mining town cemetery I had downloaded some background sounds of equipment and miners and played it for about 30 minutes, hoping this will increase any activity.
About two hours into the night myself Larry, Paul and some guest wondered over to a part we feel is a bit more negative. With in a few minutes my K2 meeter (picks up EMF field) started to respond to questions, asking if there was anyone here with us? The lights on the K2 responded lighting up twice for yes and once for no. "Are you Italian" lighting up once "are you a drunk Irishmen" lights going crazy almost as if who ever we were speaking with was angry with the question more questions were asked and for around ten minutes we continued to get responses.
Heading back to the camp fire we warmed up as a few of the guest left for the night, standing all in a circle we all heard what sounds as if someone large had started walking around the trial behind us, myself Larry and Paul walked over looking to see if anyone had come back up the hill no one was there.
staying up for around another hour both Larry and I saw something move behind us, and we had a few more hits on the K2 meeter. All a great night and was very happy I could introduce Larry to this great hobby. Thanks again to all the came.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Signing

Had a great time tonight at did a small reading and book signing. There were about 30 people there and was a great night. You can also now pick up a copy of the book there. Thanks for everyone that came.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

last nights ghost hunt

Wow what a great night, I had so much fun and really enjoyed hanging with friends and Guest. We started with dinner at J and D Restaurant in Brigham City, after some great laughs and just great conversations we headed to the Baron Woolen Mill. Many who know me know how much I love this place and love to share it with others. We hit the Mill around 7:30 and set up then headed over to the large building with a small tour. Walking around this place always gets me excited and last night was not different, the activity was not as high as it has been but I did get scratched twice. By the end of the night we had some EMF spikes and just were cold but still loved the night. I look forward to going over audio from the night.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Heather Joseph-Witham

So I was interviewed today by Heather Joseph-Witham yes the folklorist vampire lover and well all around awesome person. She is writing a book and well for some crazy reason wants to do a chapter about me and my team, showed her around Salt Lake and then ended the night with a walk at the Fort Douglas cemetery. Was so much fun and tomorrow we are taking her to a gun range and letting her shoot a gun for the first time, then we are heading up to the Baron Woolen Mill. Going to be so much fun.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This weekend

So had a book signing this weekend, meet some new people and some good friends showed up. What a great time at the Mill. Friday night I got a full apparition walking up the stairs to the Main building at the Mill. Was so cool I could even see his eyes. Loved it. We had someone else get scratched and more then one person saw some dark shadows. Today I worked on my next short story got another 1000 words done and will try and do some more tonight. I am also looking forward to next weekend we have Heather Joseph - Witham coming to town if you don't know who this fantastic lady is you don't know Folk Lore. She has been seen on Myth busters many times and I'm very excited to show her around Utah and the Mill.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The silk Screener in me

SO I got a YuDu its a home silk screening machine. SO far I like it reminds me of what we did in High School, just a bit nicer. Going to try some things with it and see if I can do multicolor shirts. The first one is going to be a shirt for my book "DO you Talk to Yourself in the Dark? SO Do I!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Book

SO the book is done, I am very happy with the way it came out. Here is a link
I have taken over a year writing how and why I love the Paranormal. I am in no way the best at this but I do love to share what I have learned and only want to show others how to get started in this and those who have been doing this for years I hope they read this and learn something new or a new way of doing it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

something new

HI all so I'm going to try something new. May not be every day but hey who knows. My name is Tom Carr I am the founder of Wasatch Paranormal Investigators and the host of a podcast called Residual Haunting Live. I have been interested, studying, and involved in the paranormal most of my life. I am a bit of a different type of Ghost Hunters as I do not feel this is a science but more of a hobby right now. Someday it maybe more but right now my team and I use modern day equipment to help clients understand what could be going on in their home. I enjoy it and have a great time learning more about the paranormal. I just finished my first book called Talking to Yourself in The Dark (A How To Guide To the Paranormal). I also am working on short stories that are about ghost or the Paranormal. I love teaching others about this hobby and also teach a class for a local community education school called Ghost Busters. I love to work with other teams and enjoy learning more from other people in the paranormal. I live in a small town called Tooele UT. not far from Salt Lake with my wife, and three children.