Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I love Halloween

SO Halloween is not only a great time for us paranormal nuts, but really there are so many reasons I love Halloween. Let’s start the list, first I have such great memories of Halloween hanging with friends going door to door begging for candy; because really that was what we did. Dressing up with whatever we could find. No it was not the store bought costume but old jeans, or our dads shirts. Make up was what we could find; sometimes it was food color for the hair, and some water and cornstarch to white out our faces. We would be Zombies, werewolf’s, vampires that did not glitter or just ghost. We would get together and theme it all out. I remember all dressing like the old lady’s from Monty Python, or we all went in white sheets with holes for the eyes. My friends laughing every time we would come across a clown as I ran away screaming into the night.
Pillow cases in hand, flashlights nowhere to be found. The gang looking for candy and no one stopping us, we were the four amigos and no one could destroy our fun. This was a time where parents did not worry that their kids were out, or when we got home. As we grew older it changed from door to door to the dance at the Masonic Temple. Sneaking up to the third floor to find the ghost Charlie or taking a girl up trying to scare them. The music could be heard faintly and it always seemed to rain that night. Wind blowing outside the light casting shadows on the walls. The smell was strong of pipe tobacco and old spice. The painting’s on the wall almost seemed to move with each passing shadow, growing closer with each steep we would move down the hall to places we knew we should not be. The danger the excitement and fear mixed with Rock Lobster playing softly in the back ground. As we moved to the next floor walking into the auditorium we could feel the energy and the fear was pouring off us like sweet on a fat man in a sauna. The more we would move towards the center the fear would grow. The voice screamed at us drowning out all noise, the wind would not move, the shadows held still waiting for us to move “GET OUT” we all ran screaming as we ran. I running into an alter sitting in the center of the room, going down in pain. More screams as my good friends ran for their life as I cried in pain just waiting for the Ghost Charlie to come finish me off. Making my way down the stairs what seemed like a day later but was really only a few minutes we laughed and cried and wanted more.
Halloween was not just candy it was time for us to gather as friends, to see who could scare the other, staying up late watching every scary movie we could find, and being up so long the site of leather face would make us laugh. Eating pizza and throwing popcorn at each other. Girls next to us laughing and screaming right along with us. One Halloween we wanted something new so we started a new tradition all evil players in one real fun game of Dungeon and Dragons. This would start something that would happen every year, and one of my favorite characters my Barbarian Gronter. Yes my alter ego the name of my production company and well the monster that lives inside of me. He began as a Chaotic Evil but slowly became Chaotic Good. We gamers will know what I’m talking about.
Now I am almost forty, kids of my own and Halloween is such a different holiday. Door to door has changed to trunk or Treat, horror films have become just gore, and well costumes can’t have anything violent on them. The Candy is still the same and we still look at every piece, we watch The Great Pumpkin, and by bags of candy hopping that some day we would get more than two kids at our door. Halloween is still my favorite holiday and love how now it’s not just costumes but for me it’s spending time with good friends looking for ghost. Teaching others my love of the Paranormal, hopping we see something that will scary us just like the night we spent on the upper floors of the Masonic Temple. Someday I will return with a recorder in hand and ask Charlie if he remembers scaring me twenty years ago. Enjoy Halloween all and remember have fun.

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