Thursday, October 21, 2010

The ER Will never be the same

OK so Tuesday I went in to get a shot required for my new job. It was just a tetanus shot yes just a shot so if I steep on a nail I would not loss my leg. OK so I have had a tetanus shot before never had issues but no I have to get one with something new. I was told that it could make you feel a bit ill, a bit would be the understatement. Not more than two hours later I felt like Pestilence walked up and slapped me on the face said HI how is you and here is something I felt you needed.
By one pm I was ready to just die, pain all over my right side, chills and well wanting to crawl into a fire somewhere to warm up. Off to the doctor I went. So after an hour sitting there waiting to go in, and blood drawn and every test done the Doctor said well it looks as if you are having appendicitis. Here are your chooses, 1 we cut you open (really not my idea of a good first choose) 2 we let you go home and if it gets worse you go in to the ER. Being the baby I am went with number two.
I am never a great sleeper, but strange dreams between hours of pain and wanting to die. I have to say the best dream I had was to rushing to the hospital for some reason my good friends over at Dungeon Crawler radio were at my house and my wife kids and the three of them piled into our car, with no room for me. So I had to drive myself, oh yes my mother and Randy her husband had tricked out our car, with flames neon green lights, wheels with little lights on them and some huge speakers in the back. Oh and the best part they were all just stickers. Yes when I am in pain I have some very strange dreams.
I got out of bed (note not woke up but got out of bed) feeling the pain and wanting to cut out the right side of my stomach with a sharp spoon, and knowing it would hurt but feel better than I felt right then. Now god bless my oldest boy, he stayed home from school to watch his little sister and was very angry he was going to miss school, man when I was eleven I would of stayed home to watch my little sister and not even asked for money to do so. Staci worried about me rushed me to the ER, if you ever need to go to the ER in Tooele I would say do it before 9 am that place is crazy after then.
I have the up most respect for nurses and I think they do not get the credit they deserve but our ER nurse had to put up with me and I really think I should send her some roses, I am a big teddy bear but when IM sick you may as well put a dipper on me and give me a pacifier. There were a few things I would of liked say a blood pressure cuff that was well bigger than my arm, and if she could of put my IV lead in anywhere other than the top of my wrist. I was seen by the doctor and he wanted to run some test, more blood drawn, and down to a gown. I am sure the hospital gowns were made to make you feel even more uncomfortable than you already feels, why they do this I will never know.
Moving to the next set of test the CT scan, here comes one more little fear of the ghost hunter who is scared of nothing I hate small spaces, I mean HATE SMALL SPACES now a CT scan is nowhere near as bad as a MRI but yes I am already stressed, not feeling well, wanting my pacifier, (diet Coke) and hopping this would be over soon the machine would not hurry up. Results still showed nothing, more confusion and time to admit me to the hospital. OK so here is the next fear will not fear but a place where anyone who has been hunting ghost as long as I have just does not like to hang out a Hospital is not one of those places I just go to for fun unless I have a digital recorder in hand and I am asking questions like, “can you tell me your name” or “what year is it”. Pain slowly growing a surgeon not sure what is going on and a bed designed by the Spanish inquisition. More test and still nothing, TV had about twenty channels with two that worked so I watched the Do It yourself channel all night long. The morphine wanting to kick in but the pain was too much for even me to get some sleep. I also believe every hospital room has a secrete camera in it so as soon as you fall asleep it is time for more test. With an IV pump alarm going off every two hours or sooner. Drugs, lack of sleep, and pain can turn this teddy bear into the werewolf we hall fear. I was for one happy my gun was home or this blog would have been titled the Prison will never be the same. By morning I was ready to go home crawl into my own bed and just cry. After all of this the surgeon still not sure what was wrong and feeling it was just the shot from Tuesday. What did I learn from all of this, shots, and I do not mix. I am feeling better now but the pain is still there on top of the drugs, eating yogurt, puddings, and lots of water down ten pounds and really never ever wanting to spend that much time in a hospital again.

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