Sunday, October 24, 2010

Todd may be laughing but I know he was scared

SO three years ago I sent an email to Todd and Erin the morning radio host on B98.7 here in Salt Lake. I wanted to come on and talk about ghost, to my surprise Erin turned out to be a Ghost hunting Junkie. I went on for five minutes but ended being on for half an hour, it was so much fun and Todd asked me back (Erin told me later Todd never ask people to come back) so the next week I came on and Erin asked if we could take some listeners on a Ghost hunt, I was like Hell yeah let’s do it. So began the start of Erin's Ghost hunt for the last three years we have taken many listeners on small investigations with us. Todd has been on two with us now and I have come to one simple conclusion Todd starts to make more fun and laugh the more scared he gets. I may be wrong but after last night I am almost sure of this.
This weekend we took ten Listeners with us to the Baron Woolen Mill, this has become such a spot for us I love it and only want to do all I can to save it from being destroyed. We started with lots of Pizza (sorry Dominoes guy for not giving a Tip) and talking a bit of history and some of the events we as a Team have had happen in the Mill. I have to say I think I will be having Todd be my researcher from now on he had found out so much about the Mill; some things even I did not know.
Each guest was having a great time, and the night continued on, the activity was good but not real high, well OK between me Todd, Riley and Russ there was some activity but most of it was Erin rolling her eyes at the four of us. I joined the group in the main building and had one of the strangest things happen to me ever at the Mill.
There is one room in the building we believe a young woman was killed in, still trying to dig up more info but anyway I walked into the room and asked if she would like us to help her move on to the other side. No more than thirty seconds passed and I felt as if I was surrounded but ten or fifteen people about ready to charge and beat me to death. I was shocked and well even felt scared. I knew that I was not ready to face this many spirits at once. I decided to leave after all I had just gotten out of the hospital and really was a bit weak and drained. This is not the best mental state to be in on a ghost hunt, you are more open and the chance of not protecting your self is much lower.
I went back to the main building and just took some time to feel more at easy. Heading back out again I had the chance to take Todd and Erin around on a private tour of this great Historical site. So far I have gone over about an hour of audio from that night and have found three class A EVPS. Tune in on Tuesday the 26th to B98.7 around 6:20 am to hear what we found.

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