Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YES I voted, and no I do not want a sticker

OK so today I did something I have tried to do every chance I could; I voted. Yes I went and cast my mind for what I believe will be the Real Change but most likely will just end up being two more years of us all bitching. But with that said I wanted to say a few things about the voting process.
Tonight my wife and I went to stand for America and our rights to be citizens, yes anyone who does not know this they need to read a bit of history. To vote is something only a living of age citizen can do in their country and this year may turn out to be one of the biggest voter turn outs in years, to show that most of us here in America are just not happy with the so called Change. But as I handed my drivers license over to the poll worker I found the first thing I find a bit disturbing. I signed my name with a pencil maybe this is a small thing but I am putting my name on a piece of paper stating I Tom Carr was here to vote, maybe just maybe this is something that should be done in pen. I mean I can’t get a driver’s license anymore without showing my birth certificate, social security card, my old license, blood test, and a DNA sample (OK maybe not the blood and DNA sample but I’m sure it’s coming). My right to vote is the one thing I can do right in this country I mean even if the ones I voted for do not win I have the right to say HEY I VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY, or if my people do win I can say YEAH YOUR RIGHT I SCREWED UP. IF you do not stand in line and sign your name with a pencil you have the right to SHUT UP.
Next I walked up to the booth and I have to say I like how the electronic ballets work and well feel. I am an old guy and I remember the days we had to push a whole into a paper and hope we did not mess up. With the new ballets we not only cast our vote we get a chance to say oops I messed up and fix it before we push the RED button. So for sure this time I can’t say well it was the ballet I really wanted to vote for the other guy.
Last and I only say this because it is something that has bugged me from the first time I ever voted the little sticker they give you after your done. Yes the “I VOTED” with a thumb print on it. Look ok so your happy we came and really did what we should all do, but as far as I am concerned YOU ARE CASTING a secrete ballet than you go walking around saying HEY LOOK I VOTED. OK you can do that if you like, really it’s up to you but let me say this if you’re proud of voting maybe you do not vote enough. So wear your little badge with honor and I really hope you go again next year, as for me I am going to just vote and be proud I can.

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