Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Frog in the Water

So I was once told if you drop a frog in to a pot of boiling water it will jump right back out, take that same frog and place it in cold water than slowly increase the temperature it will not move and die. We as Americans do the same thing. You may be saying what are you talking about, let’s look at just ten years ago. Before September 11th, we could walk into an airport and say good bye to our family and friends as they left for a flight. Now we have to almost say goodbye in the parking lot and soon it will not even be that. Now I am not saying anything bad about the men and women who work for TSA but the people who run this organization have taken away our freedoms in the name of safety.
I for one never want to see another day like September 11th; I was angry, sad, and well wanted to hunt the men down that did this to my country. Somewhere between then and now we have forgotten why we have machines that almost take a pornographic photo of us, our loved ones, or our children. We have strange men touching our children, girlfriends, or spouse that if someone did it on the street we would kick their ass. Yet we stand there and do it in the name of Freedom, and safety.
I for one will no longer fly, unless I have no other choice. The airport is not the only place we have given up some of our freedoms in the name of Safety, go and renew your driver’s license, or a passport. There is talk of more security in the name of Safety, train stations, bus stations, subways, and so much more. I want to tell you about a group that started something like this not too long ago. You would have to show your ID if you were out to late, just to drive to a different city there would be check points, to keep its citizens safer they asked people to turn in their guns, to help control trouble makers they would be arrested, or placed in projects with people who felt or thought the same way. Slowly the government started to take away property in the name of security and safety, you could not walk down the street without being stopped by this new organization that were not police, but a group set up by the government, run by the government. They were given the right to search anyone they felt were suspicious, or did not look right. People were arrested and taken late at night with no warring, not to be seen again. Who was this; ask a German who is over the age of sixty, they would be happy to let you know about the S.S.
Now you may say this will never happen here, and all I can say is look at what has happen in just a few years. We have a new organization that is set apart to make sure we remain safe, called Homeland Security. They have their own force that has no training in law enforcement called TSA; they are in charge of the borders. They can and have set up check points, stopping anyone they feel. Yet still hundreds of people cross the border each day.
No I am not a conspiracy nut; I just look at what I have seen and what is going on. Now what would I do well for one, allow honest citizens to carry guns on plans. Yes do you think a terrorist would try to take over a plan if they thought or even felt two or three people on board were armed? Go on the defense not the offence. Take the airports back and yes if someone looks, acts, or has the same last name of someone from the Middle East pull them aside. You want safety than stop hiding behind the skirt of racism. Profiling has been and will continue to be the best way to stop bad people for doing bad things, and if you think you do not profile walk down the same street as a homeless person is standing and I’ll watch you cross the road to avoid them. Ask any cop who they would stop first, a man in suit or a teen kid wearing jeans long hair and a Hoddle? If you’re like me and worry about the way this country is going than stand up and say NO, and then sit down. Do not fight back, do not break the law, just sit down, and do not move until it all changes. We still have rights, we still can say no, we are not like those in post World War two Germany; we still are free, if you think I’m crazy, or this will never happen. Than go ahead and believe what you like but someday I will say told you so.

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