Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movie Review The Crazies (2010)

The Crazies (2010)
Directed by Breck Eisner
Timothy Olyphant: David Dutten
Radha Mitchell: Judy Dutten
Joe Anderson: Russell Clank

A small town sheriff in Iowa finds the citizens of the town are going insane after drinking contaminated water.
OK I was a bit worried at first this was a remake of a George Romeo film and most of the time no one can beat the master of undead. I have to say I was impressed, I have always liked Timothy Olyphant and he does a fantastic job as a small town sheriff. This is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone with the local high school team open sessions baseball game is the start of spring, the local town drunk walks onto the field shot gun in hand and so begins the fall of this little town.
One thing I loved about this movie was the use of cinematography Maxime Alexandre as the Director of photography does an incredible job of putting the audience in the film, almost a Hitchcock feels with the music playing right along as you walk the path with the sheriff and his wife. Almost from the start of the movie you are drawn into this small town and you become a part of it. I found myself cheering for the town members against the army. The one thing I felt made this film so realistic is it could happen today, and bio out break and the US army coming in trying to take control. This small town would be the perfect place for the Army to try out a bio weapon and that I think ads to the whole fear in the film, you could see it happening to you.
The use of Gore was well done with again that Hitchcock feel not over done but giving you the view that it happen. One scene will never let you look at a pitchfork again, as the movie continues the suspense grows with each minute. Very rarely does a horror film come along that makes me wonder what will happen next this is one of them. I loved this movie and enjoyed the acting and story; it made me want to not drink water from the tap ever again. I give this one three stars out of five for Gore and six stars out of ten over all. Check this one out all.