Saturday, August 21, 2010

B98.7 and Erin Slumber Party

For two years now I have been invited to be a guest speaker at Erin's slumber Party. For those who don't know what this is a local Radio station B98.7 and one of their on air personality's Erin who runs the Morning show with her Husband Todd holds an event for her female listeners. They have everything thing there from Party gals who hold everything from little princes party's to well those adult party's no one talks about, to a plastic surgeon. I was asked to do a reading from my book Talking to Yourself in The Dark (How to Guide To the Paranormal) and to also hold a breakout about Ghost Voices.
As always both my breakouts were packed from teenage girls to Grandmas, asking questions like can Ghost hurt you, to why are they here. I had the pleasure of playing some new EVPS (Electronic voice phenomena) that have not been heard by anyone other than the team.
Over all I meet some great people and had such a great time as always, thanks to Erin and B98.7 for having me. I have to tell you about some of the fun moments from the night, and the best was walking into the breakout room right before my first lecture and the plastic Surgeon was right before me. I walked into the room and two women had breast implants in their hands. One said I like this one because it would not bounce as much when I run. Some of the things I walk into can be so interesting.
On the more tender side of the night, I have to say how much I love Erin from B98.7 she is such a sweet heart. I do not know the whole story but a young girl around 5 or 6 had to go home and Erin was giving her the biggest hug and telling her how sweet and beautiful she was. I am just an old softy but you could see how much Erin cares for her listeners and those who come to this event. It is my honor and joy to work with Todd and Erin and I look forward to more years of this event. So if you’re in the Salt Lake Area and want to hear two great people tune into Todd and Erin in the morning on B98.7