Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Frog in the Water

So I was once told if you drop a frog in to a pot of boiling water it will jump right back out, take that same frog and place it in cold water than slowly increase the temperature it will not move and die. We as Americans do the same thing. You may be saying what are you talking about, let’s look at just ten years ago. Before September 11th, we could walk into an airport and say good bye to our family and friends as they left for a flight. Now we have to almost say goodbye in the parking lot and soon it will not even be that. Now I am not saying anything bad about the men and women who work for TSA but the people who run this organization have taken away our freedoms in the name of safety.
I for one never want to see another day like September 11th; I was angry, sad, and well wanted to hunt the men down that did this to my country. Somewhere between then and now we have forgotten why we have machines that almost take a pornographic photo of us, our loved ones, or our children. We have strange men touching our children, girlfriends, or spouse that if someone did it on the street we would kick their ass. Yet we stand there and do it in the name of Freedom, and safety.
I for one will no longer fly, unless I have no other choice. The airport is not the only place we have given up some of our freedoms in the name of Safety, go and renew your driver’s license, or a passport. There is talk of more security in the name of Safety, train stations, bus stations, subways, and so much more. I want to tell you about a group that started something like this not too long ago. You would have to show your ID if you were out to late, just to drive to a different city there would be check points, to keep its citizens safer they asked people to turn in their guns, to help control trouble makers they would be arrested, or placed in projects with people who felt or thought the same way. Slowly the government started to take away property in the name of security and safety, you could not walk down the street without being stopped by this new organization that were not police, but a group set up by the government, run by the government. They were given the right to search anyone they felt were suspicious, or did not look right. People were arrested and taken late at night with no warring, not to be seen again. Who was this; ask a German who is over the age of sixty, they would be happy to let you know about the S.S.
Now you may say this will never happen here, and all I can say is look at what has happen in just a few years. We have a new organization that is set apart to make sure we remain safe, called Homeland Security. They have their own force that has no training in law enforcement called TSA; they are in charge of the borders. They can and have set up check points, stopping anyone they feel. Yet still hundreds of people cross the border each day.
No I am not a conspiracy nut; I just look at what I have seen and what is going on. Now what would I do well for one, allow honest citizens to carry guns on plans. Yes do you think a terrorist would try to take over a plan if they thought or even felt two or three people on board were armed? Go on the defense not the offence. Take the airports back and yes if someone looks, acts, or has the same last name of someone from the Middle East pull them aside. You want safety than stop hiding behind the skirt of racism. Profiling has been and will continue to be the best way to stop bad people for doing bad things, and if you think you do not profile walk down the same street as a homeless person is standing and I’ll watch you cross the road to avoid them. Ask any cop who they would stop first, a man in suit or a teen kid wearing jeans long hair and a Hoddle? If you’re like me and worry about the way this country is going than stand up and say NO, and then sit down. Do not fight back, do not break the law, just sit down, and do not move until it all changes. We still have rights, we still can say no, we are not like those in post World War two Germany; we still are free, if you think I’m crazy, or this will never happen. Than go ahead and believe what you like but someday I will say told you so.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No words can express

SO last night I sat here on my computer trying to write this blog, I wanted to express my feelings and respect for those men and women who have devoted their life to the military. I was imposable for me to put it down on words on how I feel. I am the son, Grandson, and Great grandson of a Veteran. I grew up in the Military and know I could never do what they do. I am too stubborn and well lazy some days, for those men and women who have given their time and in some cases their life for my freedom I honor you.
I would like to share with you a story I blogged about on facebook some months ago and I wanted to share it again with all of you. Around three years ago I was thinking of my father who passed away when I was twelve years old. I some days think of what my life would have been like if he had lived, I am not sure if it would have been better or worse as what I did in the past is what made me who I am today. My family lived in Holland for many years as my father served in the Air Force, at a small base called Amsterdam airbase. I came across a website dedicated to the men and women who had spent time at this base and that it would soon be closed for good. I was excited to see photos of those who had once served there so I began looking at them with a small hope of coming across one of my father. I do not have many photos of him and cherish the ones I do have.
As I browsed the website and saw places that I remembered I came across a photo of a painting my father had done. My father loved art and had been drawing and painting since he was a very young boy. The excitement of finding not only this picture but to see his name listed under as the artist was more than I could have hoped for. I sent an email off to the webmaster and asked about the panting, not really hoping to get a response back I let it go for the night. To my surprise the very next day I received an email back, the man said he knew of the painting and had seen it himself but was sure it had followed the wolf pack (the air squad name) to Germany. He gave me the name of the base and wished me luck.
After some research I found a contact name and sent this email.
“Hello, my name is Tom Carr my father served in the Air Force many years ago with the Wolf Pack at Amsterdam air base. Sadly he passed away when I was twelve years old, I happen to see a photo of a painting he had done for the base commander back in 1976 and was wondering if you could tell me if this painting was still around.
Thank you for your time
Tom Carr
A son of a lost father”
I again had a small hope that I would get a response, but yet again no more than a day later I received a response back.
“Dear Mr. Carr
Thank you for your request about your fathers painting, in fact I know this panting and it still hangs on the wall. It has become a sort of tradition for pilots to throw a dart at the painting before they leave for a flight. We would be honored to return this painting to you. We would first like our art department to make a copy so we could still honor your father and your loss.
Thank you”
This painting now hangs in my home, and is one of the two only pieces of art I have of my father. I have always known that those in the Military take care of their own, but I now know they have more honor than even I though. To serve in the armed forces is not just a nine to five job, these men and women do not spend two or twenty years defending our freedom but they are always a part of that defense and will be willing to stand up again. I honor those men and women today and I would hope everyone takes a minute to remember those who are now fighting for our freedom. Thank you

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YES I voted, and no I do not want a sticker

OK so today I did something I have tried to do every chance I could; I voted. Yes I went and cast my mind for what I believe will be the Real Change but most likely will just end up being two more years of us all bitching. But with that said I wanted to say a few things about the voting process.
Tonight my wife and I went to stand for America and our rights to be citizens, yes anyone who does not know this they need to read a bit of history. To vote is something only a living of age citizen can do in their country and this year may turn out to be one of the biggest voter turn outs in years, to show that most of us here in America are just not happy with the so called Change. But as I handed my drivers license over to the poll worker I found the first thing I find a bit disturbing. I signed my name with a pencil maybe this is a small thing but I am putting my name on a piece of paper stating I Tom Carr was here to vote, maybe just maybe this is something that should be done in pen. I mean I can’t get a driver’s license anymore without showing my birth certificate, social security card, my old license, blood test, and a DNA sample (OK maybe not the blood and DNA sample but I’m sure it’s coming). My right to vote is the one thing I can do right in this country I mean even if the ones I voted for do not win I have the right to say HEY I VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY, or if my people do win I can say YEAH YOUR RIGHT I SCREWED UP. IF you do not stand in line and sign your name with a pencil you have the right to SHUT UP.
Next I walked up to the booth and I have to say I like how the electronic ballets work and well feel. I am an old guy and I remember the days we had to push a whole into a paper and hope we did not mess up. With the new ballets we not only cast our vote we get a chance to say oops I messed up and fix it before we push the RED button. So for sure this time I can’t say well it was the ballet I really wanted to vote for the other guy.
Last and I only say this because it is something that has bugged me from the first time I ever voted the little sticker they give you after your done. Yes the “I VOTED” with a thumb print on it. Look ok so your happy we came and really did what we should all do, but as far as I am concerned YOU ARE CASTING a secrete ballet than you go walking around saying HEY LOOK I VOTED. OK you can do that if you like, really it’s up to you but let me say this if you’re proud of voting maybe you do not vote enough. So wear your little badge with honor and I really hope you go again next year, as for me I am going to just vote and be proud I can.