Monday, January 31, 2011

To my Brothers

As a young man I was invited to join a fraternal organization called Demolay, for those who do not know what this is it is a Youngman’s group sponsored by the Masons (if you do not know who the masons are go watch the Davinci code). It was based off the code of the Templar knights, to honor your parents, to honor women hood, to defend the innocent and to be an upstanding citizen.
I was honored to be a part of this group and belonged to the now dismissed Ankh Chapter (this is why my paranormal teams logo is an Ankh) never were there a finer bunch of men and friends. I grew to love each and every one of them; even if sometimes just like real bothers we had our issues. I learned to love and stand as a man with these other brothers. Some of my greatest teenage memories come from nights at the Masonic lodge, days at Lagoon, and camping; many times just hanging out with each other playing Dungeon and Dragons, or dragging State Street.
When one of us was low or down the others would be there to help pick us up. We were more than friends we were Brothers, and as time falls away we all moved, and walked our own paths. I still hear from them from time to time, mostly on facebook now. We have all grown and have boys of our own. But I still look back at the times and can’t help but smile. In the last few years some of my Brothers have lost parents and loved ones, as the news of their loss comes to me via facebook or email I stop to think of the happy times we had, and say a small prayer for them. I wanted to say with even the years between us and some many miles apart we can always stand knowing that no matter what we will always have each other’s back. So to my brothers I say Beauseant, and raise my glass (of diet coke) and say with love an honor my heart and soul is with all of you.

From your Brothers in heart, body and mind

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Constitution, Have you heard of it

So Just Yesterday on the House floor, they started the New Year off by reading the Constitution. Many of the Reps felt this was just show boating, and there was no need. I for one have to say thank you for this, the Constitution is not some document that needs to be put aside and ignored. It should be read I would say at least once a year by all of us. This Document is not something that is too old for us, or out dated. It was built to be used forever. It was in my mind designed and guided by a higher power, either God or whatever you feel may be guiding us here on earth. I for one think it was god, and I am proud to stand saying that. Each member takes an oath on the first day before they can even start work and I quote
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States."
This is not something that should be taken lightly, when one stands before men women or person and raises their hand swearing they will do as they say, to find that reading the very article you have sworn to support is wrong or outdated makes me not just angry, but I for one think those who stood and said it was just an act in the face of the President should be removed from their office. I STAND AND SAY WE THE PEOPLE have the right to demand these Honorable men and women WE have voted for to represent us, and protect our rights as a State should be held accountable for any action that would do harm to this document.
I ask you all to wake up if you have not already and watch what these men and women do to our State, country and nation. We should read the Constitution to our children, we should have copies of it in our home, and we should demand that copies are in our children’s school. We should have them read it not once but as they grow. We as a PEOPLE should understand and know the laws that were given to us BY GOD to the founding fathers. WE THE PEOPLE should stand up and say sir where is it written in the Constitution that should be a law. WE as a PEOPLE should hold these Honorable MEN AND WOMEN we place in office to uphold our wishes not their personal goals. We can I would suggest you send an email to your representative a copy of the Constitution. Email them call them and demand they uphold the Oath they swore to support. Do not sit any longer; help get this country back on the path it was built on. Last word if you feel that all I have said is wrong, or you feel it’s time for a change and the Constitution needs to be removed I might add that right to stand up and say how you feel is a part of the Constitution.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mormon Ghost hunter in me

OK so yes I am LDS, or Mormon. Yes I am a Ghost hunter, not really something people think go hand in hand. Now I may not be the best Mormon out there, and sometimes I am really not sure I am a Mormon but with that said so many people question what I do as a ghost hunter. I am not here to say I am right and you’re wrong but I wanted to point out some things to some of you as to why I feel being LDS has not hindered me but helped me understand more about the other side and well if anything is has given me a stronger belief in the other side than pulled me away.

President Ezra Taft Benson declared that “the spirit world is not far away. Sometimes the veil between this life and the life beyond becomes very thin. Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us.” (Ensign, June 1971, p. 33.)
Elder Parley P. Pratt wrote that the spirit world “is here on the very planet where we were born; or in other words, the earth and other planets of like sphere, have their inward or spiritual spheres, as well as their outward, or temporal. The one is peopled by temporal tabernacles and the other by spirits. A barrier is placed between the one sphere and the other, whereby all the objects in the spiritual sphere are rendered invisible to those in the temporal,” (Key to Theology, 9th ed., Deseret Book, 1965, pp. 126–27.)

With just these two quote’s we as Mormons believe as does many other religions that when we pass from this life to the other we stay here on earth. I for one believe this is the case and in all the years of Paranormal Investigation this has become even more evident to me. Now many people who read this may feel I am losing my mind, or that maybe we are dealing with only evil spirits such as those who followed Satan. Sometimes this could be the very truth and we could be speaking with the followers of the most evil themselves. But before you start tossing bibles at me and pouring holy water on me let me explain what I feel we are really communicating with.
First I do believe what I am saying isn't the only truth out there but this is what I believe, if you are not LDS or a Christian you may believe that when we die we go somewhere else. You may believe that after death you come back, you may believe that after you have left your mortal body you spend time in a different plain. I am not to bull headed to say well your crazy, no I want you to just understand I respect your belief and I would hope you would respect mine.
As we leave this mortal world we are placed in two places the Spirit world or the Spirit prison, the Spirit world is for those who have taken God as their savior, have been baptized and are now at peace. They in the Spirit World will continue to grow, learn and even in some cases teach others. Those in the Spirit Prison are the ones who did not take the Lord Jesus as their Savior. They are lost and kept from the presents of God, now I did not want to turn this into a Sunday school class so that is all I will say on what goes on there.
Now I feel that the souls in the Spirit World may not know they have passed away, they wonder this earth able to see their love ones but not able to speak or be a part of their everyday lives. These souls walk the places they knew in life, they sometimes feel we are intruding in their world, their homes, and places of work. They may be at the place where they spent their last minutes here on earth and they are just as confused at us as we can be of them. This veil that keeps us from them and them from us is sometimes thin and easy to pass through, why this is I am not sure but I do think that a tragic event can put a hole in this veil and make it easier for them to come over to our side. Time I am sure is different for them than it is for us, this is why we ask EVP questions and the answers could be minutes or hours later. I feel that they feed off of our emotion and it has been so long since they have felt anything they cling to it and this is why we sometimes feel we have been touched. Some cases we have offended or made these spirits upset or angry. They can be aggressive or fight back; (this does not mean they are demonic like some TV show will make you believe) fear is one of the strongest emotions but anger I feel is the second. They need these emotions to steep between the veils and make contact with us. This is not to say that other emotions can or do not help, laughter, joy, sadness, and yes even despair. There are all emotions I have felt on an investigation and have found that many of them bring better results.
As someone of faith I do believe that what I do has brought me closer to god than pushed me away, to many people I have met have this ignorance about what I and others do, they call us crazy and some even say we are evil. I enjoy Ghost hunting as a hobby like someone who golf’s, fishes, or even watching sports. I get to spend time with close friends; I have met many interesting people, and learned from all of them. I have seen and plan on seeing greater historical sites. I have given my time at helping historical sites, and encourage you to do the same. I teach others what I have learned but encourage them to learn more on their own. Most of all enjoy what you do, no matter what it is.
IF you want to understand something you either study it or become a part of it, but a smart man does not just Judge it. Treat this like a hobby; know that you could come across evil but it is very rare. You will come across people of different beliefs; if you respect them they should respect you. Your religion can either play a part of this or not at all, it is up to you. One last thing on ghost hunting and being a Mormon the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Joseph Smith had more than one encounter with someone from the other side, and he in my eyes was one of the greatest men ever to walk this earth.