Monday, December 13, 2010

All warm and cozy

I have this crazy love for old Historical places, as anyone who knows me is well aware. The Baron Woolen Mill in particular; this old building with its years of hard work was what America was and should be about. People using their hands to make a product that would last a life time, and then a few more lives added in. One of the most popular items was the Blankets made there. For over a hundred years the Baron family worked this Wool Mill not only putting their love into its products but their heart and souls.
These Blankets can still be found from time to time, and in fact one of the last owners Dick Baron has told me he wished that he would have taken more of them for himself. I from time to time will browse EBay and the internet looking for one of these fantastic Blankets for sale. Most are going for the hundreds but now and then you can find one for a great price. It so happen that not more than two weeks ago I came across this beautiful original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket on EBay going for thirty bucks. My excitement could not be contained and I told my wife about it, only to be informed that we just it would be great to own we just did not have the money for it right now.
I passed on the bids and to tell the truth up to this weekend had forgotten all about it. Saturday I was hanging out with my second Family WPI. Yes my ghost hunting nuts that I love and would die for any one of them. We had dinner and a great time just sitting together talking not looking for ghost. These people have become more than just friends or family, they have a very deep and special place in my heart. We had Santa (Played by me of course) the kids had a great time playing Christmas Bingo, and just loved being together. We had set up a white elephant exchange, with gifts ranging from canned food, to classic Sinbad movies.
One last surprise for me as the night began to slow down, a gift from my team, my friends, and my family. I card that I will treasure and a large gift. Tears already falling down my eyes, I opened the gift only to find the very Blanket I had bided on a few weeks before. I am now the owner of an original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket from the greatest people in the World. I am just a big baby as more tears fell from my eyes. IF you don’t believe it there is a video up on facebook; the Blanket warm and on my bed. Thank you to my Team and these words cannot express how much I love each and every one of you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scrooge the Ghost hunter

Yes he was dead, dead as a door nail, but what would of happen if Scrooge would have had a KII in hand. I have asked myself this question a lot in the last few years. The Christmas Carol is my favorite Dickens story. Not just because it has ghost in it, I mean yeah that has a lot to do with it, but really I think of all his stories it is the one that touches me the most.
What if Scrooge would of known a bit more about the paranormal, how different would the story have been. First when Scrooge walked to the front door, the knocker turns into a ghost. I real Paranormal Investigator would have spent at least ten minutes trying to see if there was anything natural that could have made the door knob looks like a face? Did a wagon go by with a lamp on it, making a reflection? Passing it off as unknown Scrooge would of just headed up stairs with a Ba Humbug at the knob.
While sitting close to the fire and sipping a warm bowl of broth, the door bells began to slowly ring. Well this is an old house, with a lot drafts, and it is a bit windy outside. Then they all begin to ring, faster and faster making Scrooge jump up. Grabbing camera, and EMF he would start to check the wall for a breeze, and look for temperature drops, pulling the KII out of his bag Scrooge would begin asking questions “Is there someone here with me?” a long pause “If you’re here can you touch this device I have in my hand and make it light up?” Even taken a few pictures and most likely find a few orbs (it is an old dusty house)
Just as he is gathering evidence Marley comes into the room, chains in hand and moaning right into Scrooges Audio recorder. “That is going to be a sweet EVP, I hope I got it on audio” Scrooge taking photo like a Japanese tourist seeing someone who looks like a movie star. Marley just standing there in shock; “SCROOGE” SCREAMS Marley shaking Scrooge back into reality, “Marley but you’re dead” Scrooge begins to take readings with the EMF and his thermostat, writing it all down in his notepad.
We all know Marley tells Scrooge he will be visited by three ghost, in the story Scrooge is not too happy about this, but if he was a Paranormal Investigator he would be yelling “WHEN BRING THEM ON.” Getting more equipment ready and setting up some IR cameras in his room.
The clock strikes Midnight and Instead of hiding under his covers, he would be taking pictures of the Ghost of Christmas past. “So you’re a ghost, Do you know you’re dead?” the ghost of Christmas past “Scrooge I am here to help you understand the true meaning behind Christmas” Taking Scrooges hand “OH MY I have had real physical contact with a ghost. The guys on the team will never believe this.” Scrooge just looks down as he holds the hand of the ghost of Christmas past; passing through the wall they move to Scrooges school as a child.
Camera flash going off, and audio recorder on, Scrooge keeps trying to talk to himself from the past “Can you see me?” Running his hand through his past self “Can you feel that?” as the Ghost of Christmas past just stands there in awe. Moving forward they are now at Mr. Fizziwig counting house, Scrooge looking for some extra batteries saying something about power drain, as the images from the people at the party dance by.
Back at his home Scrooge would try to keep the Ghost of Christmas past there as long as he could, when finally the ghost would just leave because he would be sick of all the questions. As the Ghost of Christmas present shows up in the other room, Scrooge looking at all the food placing new batteries in his camera and marking his audio. “How are you making all this food, it smells real. Yes has to be phantom smells.” The Ghost of Christmas presents “Know me better good man?” Scrooge jumps at the chance to join the spirit taking the Ghost robe with the excitement of a child seeing Christmas presents under the tree for the first time. As they approach Scrooges nephews home Scrooge checks his equipment one more time. “This is unbelievable I have never gotten this much evidence at one time.” The Ghost of Christmas Present laughing his belly laugh “Oh the best is still to come.” holding the KII meter as the lights go off and on.
At Cratchit’s more questions about phantom smells, Scrooge would start to understand that there is more to life than money and chasing ghost. We see Scrooge start to soften his heart and still take more pictures. With the line from tiny Tim “God Bless us everyone” the room fades and Scrooge finds himself in bed, staring at the Ghost of Christmas Future. “Of all the spirits I have seen tonight you are the one I am scared of the most” Scrooge cowers in his bed, “I do not like Dark shadows”
The ghost of Christmas Future points at Scrooge with a skinless finger, his black robe drooping from his arm “Do I really have to join you, I have more audio to go over then I could ever wish for, and I think I understand now. Yes I will keep Christmas from this day forward, no need for you to show me the future ” Scrooge leaning back the Ghost of Christmas future fingers almost looks as if it will drill a hole in Scrooges chest as the KII meter goes off and flashes over and over again. “Oh I understand you will not leave until I join you, fine I will go but let me get my Ouija board first” slowly climbing from his bed.
Scrooge finds himself back in Cratchet home, looking at Tiny Tim’s crutch “I wonder if that is now haunted?”as he tries to pick it up and get some readings from it. Than to the pawn shop, he sees his bed curtains and night shirt, in the house maids hands “That cow I am so going to haunt that women” leaning over his house maid shoulder yelling BOO in her ear. Off to the cemetery “Really Spirit any real Paranormal Investigator knows cemeteries are not very haunted so there is no need for us to be here.” Trying not to fall in the open grave “Sprit I really need to go home now I have all the evidence I can get for one night and need to go over all of it. It is going to take days, and then uploading it to the website.”
The Ghost of Christmas Future moves closer to Scrooge “Really sir I have had my fare share of spiritual contact for one night, no need to give me more” Falling into the grave. Waking up in his bed, jumping as if he was a young man once more; “so much to do, yes so much” Running to the window looking at the fresh snow on the ground and the boy running in front of his house. “You there young boy”
“Me Sir” cried the boy “Yes, what a smart lad, you know the newspaper down the street” Scrooge yells with so much excitement he almost goes horse “I need you to run there and get the reporter Oh what is his name?” The boy in shock “You mean the big fat one who does the strange stories?”
“Yes, yes that is the one, go and fetch him now and there will be a gold coin in it for you.” Not even waiting for more instruction the boy runs off. The next day the paper reads “Scrooge the proof of afterlife.”
Would this have changed the story, not by much In the end Scrooge would still help out Cratchit’s, Tiny Tim would live a long life, and start his own paranormal team. Scrooge would leave the loaning business to his nephew and have his own Paranormal show on some network where he would never capture all that he did that Christmas eve would be soon find himself faking activity just to keep it on the air. As for the sprites of Christmas they would end up doing the late night talk shows talking about how they changed Scrooges life.