Monday, December 13, 2010

All warm and cozy

I have this crazy love for old Historical places, as anyone who knows me is well aware. The Baron Woolen Mill in particular; this old building with its years of hard work was what America was and should be about. People using their hands to make a product that would last a life time, and then a few more lives added in. One of the most popular items was the Blankets made there. For over a hundred years the Baron family worked this Wool Mill not only putting their love into its products but their heart and souls.
These Blankets can still be found from time to time, and in fact one of the last owners Dick Baron has told me he wished that he would have taken more of them for himself. I from time to time will browse EBay and the internet looking for one of these fantastic Blankets for sale. Most are going for the hundreds but now and then you can find one for a great price. It so happen that not more than two weeks ago I came across this beautiful original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket on EBay going for thirty bucks. My excitement could not be contained and I told my wife about it, only to be informed that we just it would be great to own we just did not have the money for it right now.
I passed on the bids and to tell the truth up to this weekend had forgotten all about it. Saturday I was hanging out with my second Family WPI. Yes my ghost hunting nuts that I love and would die for any one of them. We had dinner and a great time just sitting together talking not looking for ghost. These people have become more than just friends or family, they have a very deep and special place in my heart. We had Santa (Played by me of course) the kids had a great time playing Christmas Bingo, and just loved being together. We had set up a white elephant exchange, with gifts ranging from canned food, to classic Sinbad movies.
One last surprise for me as the night began to slow down, a gift from my team, my friends, and my family. I card that I will treasure and a large gift. Tears already falling down my eyes, I opened the gift only to find the very Blanket I had bided on a few weeks before. I am now the owner of an original Baron Woolen Mill Blanket from the greatest people in the World. I am just a big baby as more tears fell from my eyes. IF you don’t believe it there is a video up on facebook; the Blanket warm and on my bed. Thank you to my Team and these words cannot express how much I love each and every one of you.

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