Sunday, October 24, 2010

Todd may be laughing but I know he was scared

SO three years ago I sent an email to Todd and Erin the morning radio host on B98.7 here in Salt Lake. I wanted to come on and talk about ghost, to my surprise Erin turned out to be a Ghost hunting Junkie. I went on for five minutes but ended being on for half an hour, it was so much fun and Todd asked me back (Erin told me later Todd never ask people to come back) so the next week I came on and Erin asked if we could take some listeners on a Ghost hunt, I was like Hell yeah let’s do it. So began the start of Erin's Ghost hunt for the last three years we have taken many listeners on small investigations with us. Todd has been on two with us now and I have come to one simple conclusion Todd starts to make more fun and laugh the more scared he gets. I may be wrong but after last night I am almost sure of this.
This weekend we took ten Listeners with us to the Baron Woolen Mill, this has become such a spot for us I love it and only want to do all I can to save it from being destroyed. We started with lots of Pizza (sorry Dominoes guy for not giving a Tip) and talking a bit of history and some of the events we as a Team have had happen in the Mill. I have to say I think I will be having Todd be my researcher from now on he had found out so much about the Mill; some things even I did not know.
Each guest was having a great time, and the night continued on, the activity was good but not real high, well OK between me Todd, Riley and Russ there was some activity but most of it was Erin rolling her eyes at the four of us. I joined the group in the main building and had one of the strangest things happen to me ever at the Mill.
There is one room in the building we believe a young woman was killed in, still trying to dig up more info but anyway I walked into the room and asked if she would like us to help her move on to the other side. No more than thirty seconds passed and I felt as if I was surrounded but ten or fifteen people about ready to charge and beat me to death. I was shocked and well even felt scared. I knew that I was not ready to face this many spirits at once. I decided to leave after all I had just gotten out of the hospital and really was a bit weak and drained. This is not the best mental state to be in on a ghost hunt, you are more open and the chance of not protecting your self is much lower.
I went back to the main building and just took some time to feel more at easy. Heading back out again I had the chance to take Todd and Erin around on a private tour of this great Historical site. So far I have gone over about an hour of audio from that night and have found three class A EVPS. Tune in on Tuesday the 26th to B98.7 around 6:20 am to hear what we found.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I love Halloween

SO Halloween is not only a great time for us paranormal nuts, but really there are so many reasons I love Halloween. Let’s start the list, first I have such great memories of Halloween hanging with friends going door to door begging for candy; because really that was what we did. Dressing up with whatever we could find. No it was not the store bought costume but old jeans, or our dads shirts. Make up was what we could find; sometimes it was food color for the hair, and some water and cornstarch to white out our faces. We would be Zombies, werewolf’s, vampires that did not glitter or just ghost. We would get together and theme it all out. I remember all dressing like the old lady’s from Monty Python, or we all went in white sheets with holes for the eyes. My friends laughing every time we would come across a clown as I ran away screaming into the night.
Pillow cases in hand, flashlights nowhere to be found. The gang looking for candy and no one stopping us, we were the four amigos and no one could destroy our fun. This was a time where parents did not worry that their kids were out, or when we got home. As we grew older it changed from door to door to the dance at the Masonic Temple. Sneaking up to the third floor to find the ghost Charlie or taking a girl up trying to scare them. The music could be heard faintly and it always seemed to rain that night. Wind blowing outside the light casting shadows on the walls. The smell was strong of pipe tobacco and old spice. The painting’s on the wall almost seemed to move with each passing shadow, growing closer with each steep we would move down the hall to places we knew we should not be. The danger the excitement and fear mixed with Rock Lobster playing softly in the back ground. As we moved to the next floor walking into the auditorium we could feel the energy and the fear was pouring off us like sweet on a fat man in a sauna. The more we would move towards the center the fear would grow. The voice screamed at us drowning out all noise, the wind would not move, the shadows held still waiting for us to move “GET OUT” we all ran screaming as we ran. I running into an alter sitting in the center of the room, going down in pain. More screams as my good friends ran for their life as I cried in pain just waiting for the Ghost Charlie to come finish me off. Making my way down the stairs what seemed like a day later but was really only a few minutes we laughed and cried and wanted more.
Halloween was not just candy it was time for us to gather as friends, to see who could scare the other, staying up late watching every scary movie we could find, and being up so long the site of leather face would make us laugh. Eating pizza and throwing popcorn at each other. Girls next to us laughing and screaming right along with us. One Halloween we wanted something new so we started a new tradition all evil players in one real fun game of Dungeon and Dragons. This would start something that would happen every year, and one of my favorite characters my Barbarian Gronter. Yes my alter ego the name of my production company and well the monster that lives inside of me. He began as a Chaotic Evil but slowly became Chaotic Good. We gamers will know what I’m talking about.
Now I am almost forty, kids of my own and Halloween is such a different holiday. Door to door has changed to trunk or Treat, horror films have become just gore, and well costumes can’t have anything violent on them. The Candy is still the same and we still look at every piece, we watch The Great Pumpkin, and by bags of candy hopping that some day we would get more than two kids at our door. Halloween is still my favorite holiday and love how now it’s not just costumes but for me it’s spending time with good friends looking for ghost. Teaching others my love of the Paranormal, hopping we see something that will scary us just like the night we spent on the upper floors of the Masonic Temple. Someday I will return with a recorder in hand and ask Charlie if he remembers scaring me twenty years ago. Enjoy Halloween all and remember have fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The ER Will never be the same

OK so Tuesday I went in to get a shot required for my new job. It was just a tetanus shot yes just a shot so if I steep on a nail I would not loss my leg. OK so I have had a tetanus shot before never had issues but no I have to get one with something new. I was told that it could make you feel a bit ill, a bit would be the understatement. Not more than two hours later I felt like Pestilence walked up and slapped me on the face said HI how is you and here is something I felt you needed.
By one pm I was ready to just die, pain all over my right side, chills and well wanting to crawl into a fire somewhere to warm up. Off to the doctor I went. So after an hour sitting there waiting to go in, and blood drawn and every test done the Doctor said well it looks as if you are having appendicitis. Here are your chooses, 1 we cut you open (really not my idea of a good first choose) 2 we let you go home and if it gets worse you go in to the ER. Being the baby I am went with number two.
I am never a great sleeper, but strange dreams between hours of pain and wanting to die. I have to say the best dream I had was to rushing to the hospital for some reason my good friends over at Dungeon Crawler radio were at my house and my wife kids and the three of them piled into our car, with no room for me. So I had to drive myself, oh yes my mother and Randy her husband had tricked out our car, with flames neon green lights, wheels with little lights on them and some huge speakers in the back. Oh and the best part they were all just stickers. Yes when I am in pain I have some very strange dreams.
I got out of bed (note not woke up but got out of bed) feeling the pain and wanting to cut out the right side of my stomach with a sharp spoon, and knowing it would hurt but feel better than I felt right then. Now god bless my oldest boy, he stayed home from school to watch his little sister and was very angry he was going to miss school, man when I was eleven I would of stayed home to watch my little sister and not even asked for money to do so. Staci worried about me rushed me to the ER, if you ever need to go to the ER in Tooele I would say do it before 9 am that place is crazy after then.
I have the up most respect for nurses and I think they do not get the credit they deserve but our ER nurse had to put up with me and I really think I should send her some roses, I am a big teddy bear but when IM sick you may as well put a dipper on me and give me a pacifier. There were a few things I would of liked say a blood pressure cuff that was well bigger than my arm, and if she could of put my IV lead in anywhere other than the top of my wrist. I was seen by the doctor and he wanted to run some test, more blood drawn, and down to a gown. I am sure the hospital gowns were made to make you feel even more uncomfortable than you already feels, why they do this I will never know.
Moving to the next set of test the CT scan, here comes one more little fear of the ghost hunter who is scared of nothing I hate small spaces, I mean HATE SMALL SPACES now a CT scan is nowhere near as bad as a MRI but yes I am already stressed, not feeling well, wanting my pacifier, (diet Coke) and hopping this would be over soon the machine would not hurry up. Results still showed nothing, more confusion and time to admit me to the hospital. OK so here is the next fear will not fear but a place where anyone who has been hunting ghost as long as I have just does not like to hang out a Hospital is not one of those places I just go to for fun unless I have a digital recorder in hand and I am asking questions like, “can you tell me your name” or “what year is it”. Pain slowly growing a surgeon not sure what is going on and a bed designed by the Spanish inquisition. More test and still nothing, TV had about twenty channels with two that worked so I watched the Do It yourself channel all night long. The morphine wanting to kick in but the pain was too much for even me to get some sleep. I also believe every hospital room has a secrete camera in it so as soon as you fall asleep it is time for more test. With an IV pump alarm going off every two hours or sooner. Drugs, lack of sleep, and pain can turn this teddy bear into the werewolf we hall fear. I was for one happy my gun was home or this blog would have been titled the Prison will never be the same. By morning I was ready to go home crawl into my own bed and just cry. After all of this the surgeon still not sure what was wrong and feeling it was just the shot from Tuesday. What did I learn from all of this, shots, and I do not mix. I am feeling better now but the pain is still there on top of the drugs, eating yogurt, puddings, and lots of water down ten pounds and really never ever wanting to spend that much time in a hospital again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The reincarnated H.P Lovecraft

About six years ago I was introduced to H.P Lovecraft, I had heard of some of his work but never read any. I found my love very few books have ever truly scared me like Lovecraft’s work. One thing that so many knew and understood about Lovecraft was he encouraged others to use is writing and go with it. Understand Lovecraft was a master of showing the way a person could slowly go insane, in the early nineteen hundreds his writing was strange and very unique . With a culture and time where the paranormal and new interest in spiritualism; the Old ones were the true Gods, Cthulhu would rise again, and anyone seeking out the truth of the true Gods would find themselves going insane.
Many have tried to bring the pure genius that Lovecraft shared with his work, most have failed. About a year ago I was introduced to Larry Corriea by a good friend and other writer fantastic fantasy author Paul Genesse of The Iron Dragon series. Larry had been to one of my lectures a few years before at a con in Salt Lake. To say we hit it off from the start would be an understatement, a big guy who loves food, Monsters, and guns need I say more. I picked up his first book Monster Hunter International, could not put it down, very few authors can write horror and keep you on the edge of your seat. Larry had done it from page one. I found myself up one night until five am not wanting to put the book down. The twist and adventure was more than just gun fights it was a modern day Lovecraft. This last week I finished his second book Monster Hunter Vendetta. Once more I could not put it down. So I am one who believes Larry Corriea is either the reincarnated H.P Lovecraft or has his ghost in his closet. SO here you all go the review for MONSTER HUNTER VENDETTA

From page one I found myself laughing and wanting to jump in the pages to earn my smile monster patch. Yes I am talking about the long awaited second book to Monster hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta. Larry Corriea is not only a gun nut, (not that there is anything wrong with that) but he has taken some of the greatest monsters we all love and folded them into a world full of Lovecraft. Each page brings us wanting more and more to grab our guns and go kick some MONSTER ASS. The soft but hard characters are not some super humans but men and women you would find next door, Larry has a way of wanting you to cheer for the good guys but you also find yourself wanting to cheer for more monsters to see what new way MHI can kick some butt. His humor, accurate use of weapons and ammo, the description of tactical fighting almost makes you feel Larry was a combat trainer for the Marines. His books also find a way to mix magic and modern day war far into redneck Elves, g banging gnomes and internet spam hacking Trolls. Not only do you fall in love with the main characters also want more of the supporting ones. MHV takes you into a world where your boss is a werewolf, and the government has the men in black Frankenstein.
The more pages I turned the more I wanted it to not end, but I could not put it down. Larry has a gift for monsters, and if you are even slightly into them this book is for you. This New York best seller is a most for anyone who loves laughing, guns, and reading about Zombies getting their heads blown off. I give Monster Hunter Vendetta 20 stars out of 10 for not only drawing you in, but for the use of the name Mr. Trash bags (trust me once you read it you will understand)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shields up Mr. Scott

OK just like Star Trek, we have the gift to call for shields up. NO this is not some force field that will stop the lasers or photon torpedo's from hitting us, but we can help protect us from the sometimes over whelming feeling spirits can make us have, the emotions they can project on to us. I have for years worried that too many people who are new in this field tend to be way to open and am letting things we deal with in too deep before we are really ready for it.
Wither you believe or not that spirits can make us feel as they do or did that is up to you, but really having some way to protect yourselves is very important. You do not have to be as complicated as thinking you are in shield it could be as simple as a prayer, or saying something before you start a ghost hunt. IT comes down to what do you believe, I once had a Baptist preacher say to me "I have never seen a ghost run from the name of Christ" I responded "I have but he was Jewish" if you do not believe in Christ, than saying his name would not work for you. It comes down to faith, and really I have not run into too many Atheists in ghost hunting but there could be.
I have my own sort of protection and beliefs and mine may not work for you, but I will share with you what I do when I am feeling over whelmed. I will first say in my head look your starting to freak me out I need you to back off, now there is no proof that a spirit, ghost or whatever you call them can hear your thoughts. But it really comes down to do you believe that it will help, many times what we are feeling could just be us or mind playing tricks on us. SO let’s say that helps and I am feeling better GREAT it worked and I can go on pissing off ghost as always, but there are times that it does not work at all. Next steep say it out loud. IF there is something there than it should hear you at that point, but it can be a bit shocking to the people next to you I mean if you yell out "Hey you’re freaking me out right now" you may have a few people steep back and look for the straitjacket. If you are really getting freaked out it is a good idea to let people around you something is happening, trust me knowing that someone has your back will not hurt. Also it can also get your team ready with cameras, audio, and any other equipment they many have. Like my team when I start saying I am feeling something they are pointing their cameras and audio my direction. Yes they all love to use me as a target and well so do I.
Now let’s say that talking in your head did not help, and saying it out loud only makes things a bit more active it’s time for the hamster ball, yes go to your local pet store and ask for a human size hamster ball. If you do find one let me know where you got it and also make sure there are holes in it so you can breathe. NO it’s not a real hamster ball just think you are inside one, also think that no matter what nothing can get inside that ball, almost as if you have that force field and you’re ready to take on the photon torpedoes. If things are getting real crazy and you still feel as if you can’t shake it it’s time to steep out, walk away. There is no need for anyone new in this to get picked up and tossed around the room, no need to get hurt. The longer you have been investigation the more you can stay and let the feelings come in but really if you have been only doing this a few weeks months than its time for you to take it in steeps.
Look if you want to go on a ghost hunt and get punched, kicked, or pushed to the ground that is your choose but really after a bit you’re going to get sick of being the punching bag for your team. Take this in time and learn how to control what you feel or hear. One last thing if for some reason you want to stick around and you pass out or get scratched even hit don't say I did not warned you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I swear Officer The Ghost was drinking not me

OK so I one huge rule on ghost hunts, and I think that it is one rule that should be followed by anyone that is into the paranormal. NEVER EVER DRINK ALCOHOL on a ghost hunt, with that said I have been working on my ability to tune into what I am filing on ghost hunts. Last night was one of the strangest things to happen to me in a long time. The Baron Woolen Mill as many of you know has a very special place in my heart I love this Historical building and whenever I pull up and see more damage done it breaks my heart. I love history and all that goes with it. That is one of the truly deep reasons I ghost hunt, yes I look for ghost but I love to hang out in some great Historical places. Reading old Grave stones, or coming across a can or product from fifty years ago. It lets me know that there were people here, and that some had a love for the places we visit. The Mill has its little corners that many do not go to or even know about I have walked, stood and in some cases crawled in every corner.
I have for a long time felt that the spirit we call the Caretaker had a bit of a drinking issue when he was alive, now I have no way to prove what I am saying but there have been times we have smelt stale beer. I have wondered if this man would go off in the late hours of the night and have a smoke with something a bit stronger than coke to wash it down. Last night I have to say I may be right.
It started with us in what we call the warehouse one of the buildings on the outer part of the main work area, the activity has slowly increased and a spot we use to think of as dead (as in no real ghost activity) has grown to be one of the more interesting spots in all of the location.
Next to the warehouse is another building that we never go in, the door stays closed and really we have never had or wanted to hang in this building until last night. I walked out the back door to the warehouse for those that have been there this is the way we go when we are taking a tour to head over the sheep shearing area. The door that is close was wide open and it has always been the place I have felt if any homeless person was to sleep in it would be this building. I thought or felt someone in the building and saw a shadow pass in front of me, worried there could be someone alive could be in the building I asked the group I was with to stay outside as I cleared the building. I walked into the room and got a strong smell of stale beer. My alarm buttons went up and I started to ask out loud if anyone was in here. I got a smell of cigar smoke and I really was worried at this point. What if there was someone in there, some homeless guy just sleeping or trying to stay out of the weather.
I slowly walked down each row of racks, with no one but me in the building. I invited people that were with my group to come in, I had a KII meter (a device we use to detect Electronic Magnetic Fields that some believe ghost will manifest themselves with this energy) I was standing in the back of the building and a few people began to see a mist grow from the floor between my legs. I could feel a cold spot slowly move up my leg and then to my chest, I could smell the beer once more and the cigar smoke. I was taken over with an almost dizzy filling and was having some vertigo. This continued for what I felt was ten minutes but I am it was much shorter. We had no hits on the KII and started to head out of the building off to spend some time in the Sheep shearing area. I started to taste stale beer in my mouth and a strong burning feeling in my chest; I could not stand still and was starting to slier my words. I got the giggles and felt very light headed, I than started to have a hard time standing and was feeling as if I was drunk. I had to have helped walking and could not stay in a straight line. I put my shields up and almost that second I was fine.
I am not a drinker, even though I have had a drink or two many years ago. I have to say that was one of the strangest events that has ever happen to me in years, as to why or how it happen I cannot say but if I could say than I guess it would not be Paranormal.