Sunday, October 17, 2010

The reincarnated H.P Lovecraft

About six years ago I was introduced to H.P Lovecraft, I had heard of some of his work but never read any. I found my love very few books have ever truly scared me like Lovecraft’s work. One thing that so many knew and understood about Lovecraft was he encouraged others to use is writing and go with it. Understand Lovecraft was a master of showing the way a person could slowly go insane, in the early nineteen hundreds his writing was strange and very unique . With a culture and time where the paranormal and new interest in spiritualism; the Old ones were the true Gods, Cthulhu would rise again, and anyone seeking out the truth of the true Gods would find themselves going insane.
Many have tried to bring the pure genius that Lovecraft shared with his work, most have failed. About a year ago I was introduced to Larry Corriea by a good friend and other writer fantastic fantasy author Paul Genesse of The Iron Dragon series. Larry had been to one of my lectures a few years before at a con in Salt Lake. To say we hit it off from the start would be an understatement, a big guy who loves food, Monsters, and guns need I say more. I picked up his first book Monster Hunter International, could not put it down, very few authors can write horror and keep you on the edge of your seat. Larry had done it from page one. I found myself up one night until five am not wanting to put the book down. The twist and adventure was more than just gun fights it was a modern day Lovecraft. This last week I finished his second book Monster Hunter Vendetta. Once more I could not put it down. So I am one who believes Larry Corriea is either the reincarnated H.P Lovecraft or has his ghost in his closet. SO here you all go the review for MONSTER HUNTER VENDETTA

From page one I found myself laughing and wanting to jump in the pages to earn my smile monster patch. Yes I am talking about the long awaited second book to Monster hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta. Larry Corriea is not only a gun nut, (not that there is anything wrong with that) but he has taken some of the greatest monsters we all love and folded them into a world full of Lovecraft. Each page brings us wanting more and more to grab our guns and go kick some MONSTER ASS. The soft but hard characters are not some super humans but men and women you would find next door, Larry has a way of wanting you to cheer for the good guys but you also find yourself wanting to cheer for more monsters to see what new way MHI can kick some butt. His humor, accurate use of weapons and ammo, the description of tactical fighting almost makes you feel Larry was a combat trainer for the Marines. His books also find a way to mix magic and modern day war far into redneck Elves, g banging gnomes and internet spam hacking Trolls. Not only do you fall in love with the main characters also want more of the supporting ones. MHV takes you into a world where your boss is a werewolf, and the government has the men in black Frankenstein.
The more pages I turned the more I wanted it to not end, but I could not put it down. Larry has a gift for monsters, and if you are even slightly into them this book is for you. This New York best seller is a most for anyone who loves laughing, guns, and reading about Zombies getting their heads blown off. I give Monster Hunter Vendetta 20 stars out of 10 for not only drawing you in, but for the use of the name Mr. Trash bags (trust me once you read it you will understand)

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