Saturday, October 2, 2010

I swear Officer The Ghost was drinking not me

OK so I one huge rule on ghost hunts, and I think that it is one rule that should be followed by anyone that is into the paranormal. NEVER EVER DRINK ALCOHOL on a ghost hunt, with that said I have been working on my ability to tune into what I am filing on ghost hunts. Last night was one of the strangest things to happen to me in a long time. The Baron Woolen Mill as many of you know has a very special place in my heart I love this Historical building and whenever I pull up and see more damage done it breaks my heart. I love history and all that goes with it. That is one of the truly deep reasons I ghost hunt, yes I look for ghost but I love to hang out in some great Historical places. Reading old Grave stones, or coming across a can or product from fifty years ago. It lets me know that there were people here, and that some had a love for the places we visit. The Mill has its little corners that many do not go to or even know about I have walked, stood and in some cases crawled in every corner.
I have for a long time felt that the spirit we call the Caretaker had a bit of a drinking issue when he was alive, now I have no way to prove what I am saying but there have been times we have smelt stale beer. I have wondered if this man would go off in the late hours of the night and have a smoke with something a bit stronger than coke to wash it down. Last night I have to say I may be right.
It started with us in what we call the warehouse one of the buildings on the outer part of the main work area, the activity has slowly increased and a spot we use to think of as dead (as in no real ghost activity) has grown to be one of the more interesting spots in all of the location.
Next to the warehouse is another building that we never go in, the door stays closed and really we have never had or wanted to hang in this building until last night. I walked out the back door to the warehouse for those that have been there this is the way we go when we are taking a tour to head over the sheep shearing area. The door that is close was wide open and it has always been the place I have felt if any homeless person was to sleep in it would be this building. I thought or felt someone in the building and saw a shadow pass in front of me, worried there could be someone alive could be in the building I asked the group I was with to stay outside as I cleared the building. I walked into the room and got a strong smell of stale beer. My alarm buttons went up and I started to ask out loud if anyone was in here. I got a smell of cigar smoke and I really was worried at this point. What if there was someone in there, some homeless guy just sleeping or trying to stay out of the weather.
I slowly walked down each row of racks, with no one but me in the building. I invited people that were with my group to come in, I had a KII meter (a device we use to detect Electronic Magnetic Fields that some believe ghost will manifest themselves with this energy) I was standing in the back of the building and a few people began to see a mist grow from the floor between my legs. I could feel a cold spot slowly move up my leg and then to my chest, I could smell the beer once more and the cigar smoke. I was taken over with an almost dizzy filling and was having some vertigo. This continued for what I felt was ten minutes but I am it was much shorter. We had no hits on the KII and started to head out of the building off to spend some time in the Sheep shearing area. I started to taste stale beer in my mouth and a strong burning feeling in my chest; I could not stand still and was starting to slier my words. I got the giggles and felt very light headed, I than started to have a hard time standing and was feeling as if I was drunk. I had to have helped walking and could not stay in a straight line. I put my shields up and almost that second I was fine.
I am not a drinker, even though I have had a drink or two many years ago. I have to say that was one of the strangest events that has ever happen to me in years, as to why or how it happen I cannot say but if I could say than I guess it would not be Paranormal.

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