Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Geek Vs Jock why IM a Geek

So as the big sports season begins with Football and Basketball starting I wanted to take a minute to talk about why I'm a Geek not a Jock. Look I once would spend my Sunday's glued to a TV watching my team go all the way, toss food at the screen and cry when they lost. But as I grew I came to understand the real me the guy who carries his Dice in his laptop bag, who knows what it means when someone says I think that guy just rolled a 1. The jocks are those guys and some girls who talk about the game Monday and spend hours and hours watching a bunch of guys run around chasing a pig around 100 yards. I do not miss those days at all, I do though miss the Friday nights hanging with my friends pretending to be a Elf, or Dwarf. Grabbing the dice and the pulling the sword from its sheath (taking my hand to my hip and thinking there really is a sword there) kissing my dice and begging for that 20 when I so need it.
Walking around a town looking for that one shop that can fix my busted staff of the Magi only knowing there is not a soul who can. You may have your couch and remote, yes you have the jersey that with your name on the back and dream that someday you will play on your teams field. Crying my team lost last night, or screaming my team won even though your not really a member, or have ever played for that team. You keep believing someday you will live out your dream of passing the ball to your sports hero, I for one will live my dream and kill that red Dragon with my +2 long sword, I will and have roll that 20 on my die that has never ever failed me or screamed as my die rolled that 1 and I tossed it across the room. I have spent days trying to finish an adventure, traveled the worlds of J.R.R Tolkien and seen the inside of the Green dragon so what if it was only in my mind what have you the Jock done watched a few games sitting on a couch even some of you have been lucky enough to spend hundreds of dollars to get a seat at a real game, only to drink stale beer and nachos that cost 50 bucks and gives you heartburn so you miss half the game.
Take your long lines to go to the bathroom, or squeezed in some seat with two guys next to you with their shirts off painted in some team colors.
I will spend days at cons with people dressed in their hero's and no matter what anyone says girls dressed like slaves from Star wars, I will drink my high caffeinated soda so I can get one more hour in of game time. Yes and finally the main reason Geeks will always be better than Jocks we have always looked like this where the Jock well they just get fat and ugly with age.

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