Sunday, September 5, 2010

Extra Credit Makes one of my dreams come true

As I slowly grow closer to the tender age of forty, I look back at my life like so many of us do and say what have you done with your life. Call it a midlife crises, or just time for a life change, but as a teen me and many of my friends would grab the camcorder (you know the one so big you had to put it on your shoulder) and go make short films, we had so much fun but really they were for us and many of these films I hope never come to the surface but over this weekend I was able to take one more thing off my bucket list.
Around two months ago I was approached by a new friend Tim Conyers, we were asked to submit a short film to the Salty Horror Film fest being held in Salt Lake this November. Taking this with a rush we talked and tossed Ideas around. We had the location, and the cast, now we need a great idea. Not wanting to give to much of the story away let me say this is not your typical horror film and even though its only going to be ten to twelve minutes long after watching Paul Wheeler Tim's Production partner shoot and line up these shots this is going to be the start of a continuing story, with talks of the sequel. The working title was extra Credit and the cast crew and location made this film.
Friday was day one most outside and we were done in four hours, anyone that has been on a film set knows the issues just the sun can bring. But the open shots were fantastic and it just set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Saturday began around noon most do not know this but horror films are shot in the day time, and the night is added in post. The cast was great and we started with day two. Walking around the Baron Woolen Mill shooting a horror film turned out to increase the activity in this great haunted location. By midnight most of the cast would not walk around alone and some of us ghost hunters just wanted to grab our equipment and go investigate. The shot wrapped up at 3 am with an ending the comparable to the original House on Haunted Hill. It was such a joy to work with a great cast and crew, and I look forward to seeing it all put together after almost an hour and half of film I just feel sorry for Tim and Paul having to cut it down to twelve minutes.

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