Saturday, September 25, 2010

A monster hunter, Dragon Huter, the Devil, and a hairy dwarf

I have in the last two years been invited into a click, yes I said it just like in high school the jocks, the rich kids, and those ones you stayed away from. Well the click I have been hanging with are the ones who played the strange games, who walked down a hall and saw the story that could have happened or would happen in the hall. Yes I'm talking about authors. I have always loved books and love to read even more one of my dreams would be to have my book published and to sell at least one, this year I made that dream come true and it has gotten me into this very speical and closed click or group, writers. Yes I have been to many book signings and spent time in line waiting for my five seconds to ask one or two questions and have the author put a small message in a book. But today I went to a signing for eight authors six of them I know and two I am proud to call friends. Larry Correia, and Paul Genesse,two the greatest and nicest guys you will every meet. They have introduced me to this little private club that not only love to write but love the people who read their work. SO today I put in my hands Larry Correia's second book Monster Hunter Vendetta and just like the first I found myself not wanting to put it down after the first page. I also spent a little time with a new and growing closer friend Riley I would call him the coolest Dwarf you will ever meet, IM not talking about someone who is short Riley like me is a huge geek and yes we play that game Dungeon and Dragons and trust me Riley is the pure Dwarf. I love this guy as a brother who has a great humor and is a big teddy bear, hanging with these three friends I could not think of a better way to spend time in a book story.
Later tonight I spent time with some other friends, no not on a ghost hunt, or walking around some old building we went to dinner and a movie. Russ, Stephanie, Ralph, Ralph's wife Chris, Jules, and my lovely wife Staci. Dinner was BBQ Famous Dave's movie was the Devil.
Many hate M Night Shyamalan, I for one love his films. I love the shock and the twist, the way he tells a story with not only the actors but the camera have reminded me of horror films that do not need to use gore to shock or scare the watcher but use the idea or thought to mess with your head. The Devil is one of those films, lets face it we all have fears I for one can walk around a dark building alone looking for ghost but if you put a clown holding a snake in that same building you will see me run out screaming, with that said I will let out one more fear. Being locked in an elevator stopped between floors, add a few other people in that elevator and you are just adding fuel to my phobia. The Devil plays on everyone's fears not knowing what will happen next. Like so many horror films today they turn to the blood, the crazy killer, or the just guts to make you sick as you wonder if you should have passed on the popcorn. This one lets your mind wonder what just happen with moments of noting but black scree and sound. Who did it, what just happen, and what will we see when the lights come back on. Leaving you wanting to see more but turning the lights off just as you think you will find out. The end gives you the real feeling behind M Night Shyamalan films the moral the real reason we believe what we just saw could happen to us tomorrow, as you walk out and the lights come up you say WOW. The devil is a fantastic look at the evil we all have, the way we judge ourselves and others. I have to say few films today make you look inside your self and wonder could I look the devil in the eye and say yes I have been forgiven. All in All was a great Saturday even if I was not looking for a ghost.

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