Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shields up Mr. Scott

OK just like Star Trek, we have the gift to call for shields up. NO this is not some force field that will stop the lasers or photon torpedo's from hitting us, but we can help protect us from the sometimes over whelming feeling spirits can make us have, the emotions they can project on to us. I have for years worried that too many people who are new in this field tend to be way to open and am letting things we deal with in too deep before we are really ready for it.
Wither you believe or not that spirits can make us feel as they do or did that is up to you, but really having some way to protect yourselves is very important. You do not have to be as complicated as thinking you are in shield it could be as simple as a prayer, or saying something before you start a ghost hunt. IT comes down to what do you believe, I once had a Baptist preacher say to me "I have never seen a ghost run from the name of Christ" I responded "I have but he was Jewish" if you do not believe in Christ, than saying his name would not work for you. It comes down to faith, and really I have not run into too many Atheists in ghost hunting but there could be.
I have my own sort of protection and beliefs and mine may not work for you, but I will share with you what I do when I am feeling over whelmed. I will first say in my head look your starting to freak me out I need you to back off, now there is no proof that a spirit, ghost or whatever you call them can hear your thoughts. But it really comes down to do you believe that it will help, many times what we are feeling could just be us or mind playing tricks on us. SO let’s say that helps and I am feeling better GREAT it worked and I can go on pissing off ghost as always, but there are times that it does not work at all. Next steep say it out loud. IF there is something there than it should hear you at that point, but it can be a bit shocking to the people next to you I mean if you yell out "Hey you’re freaking me out right now" you may have a few people steep back and look for the straitjacket. If you are really getting freaked out it is a good idea to let people around you something is happening, trust me knowing that someone has your back will not hurt. Also it can also get your team ready with cameras, audio, and any other equipment they many have. Like my team when I start saying I am feeling something they are pointing their cameras and audio my direction. Yes they all love to use me as a target and well so do I.
Now let’s say that talking in your head did not help, and saying it out loud only makes things a bit more active it’s time for the hamster ball, yes go to your local pet store and ask for a human size hamster ball. If you do find one let me know where you got it and also make sure there are holes in it so you can breathe. NO it’s not a real hamster ball just think you are inside one, also think that no matter what nothing can get inside that ball, almost as if you have that force field and you’re ready to take on the photon torpedoes. If things are getting real crazy and you still feel as if you can’t shake it it’s time to steep out, walk away. There is no need for anyone new in this to get picked up and tossed around the room, no need to get hurt. The longer you have been investigation the more you can stay and let the feelings come in but really if you have been only doing this a few weeks months than its time for you to take it in steeps.
Look if you want to go on a ghost hunt and get punched, kicked, or pushed to the ground that is your choose but really after a bit you’re going to get sick of being the punching bag for your team. Take this in time and learn how to control what you feel or hear. One last thing if for some reason you want to stick around and you pass out or get scratched even hit don't say I did not warned you.

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