Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boys night at the Baron Mill

Last night I spent six hours at the Baron Woolen Mill with some of Guys from the team, Doug, Riley, Russ, and David. Thank god no lady's joined us as we felt by the end of the night it was a slumber party back in Jr. High. With warnings that none of our wives will no be aloud to listen to the audio, and those that are not married who were there are warned not to post any of it. It was a great night for investigation with activity and many sounds that could not be explained. The night started in the boiler room, an area we feel is the most active in the location. The next hour was spent just sitting and asking some EVP questions and having a great time talking like most men do when they get together with out their wives. As the night grew darker if it is possible to even be darker in this part of the building we all felt an ominous feeling. A shadow could be seen at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor. With temperature drops of eight degrees, Doug feeling as if something would jump out at him any moment.
After an hour and half we moved to the Warehouse activity has slowly increased in this area with people pushed, scratched, and touched. Around ten minutes into sitting in the area a loud bang was heard on the building wall, no real wind and with inspection no trees in the area where the sound was heard. Russ and Riley at one point felt as if the area around them was growing darker only sitting around five feet from each other could not see each other.
The banging on the wall continued around every ten minutes, no more than an hour in this area we heard someone run along the outside of the building we split up into two teams and inspected the outside of the building with no one found.
After a short time we all headed back to the Boiler room once more, the feeling was very heavy and the air felt thick as if we were under water. The area was darker then I feel it has ever been and the feeling was even more dark and I for one felt as if I need to be ready to run at any second. The dark shadow was seen once more at the top of the stairs foot steeps could me heard on the second floor and David and Russ went up to see if anyone was in the building. We had locked the front door and if anyone had entered the building it would have been throw a broken window. After checking the building and making sure we were the only ones there we began to get more temperature drops and went down ten degrees in under three minutes. We continued to hear foot fall on the second floor, banging on the walls, and shadows up the stairs.
The night ended around 2 am and with a fantastic night, lots of laughs and it was nice to hang with good friends. I look forward to more long nights at the Baron Woolen Mill.

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