Saturday, June 19, 2010

They Kept saying my Name

Last night I held the last tour to the Baron Woolen Mill, we had a large group but man they all know how to ghost hunt. Starting around 8 pm and around 50 people we began the tour. Walking around this historical site is incredible so much to see and it saddens me to see it slowly falling apart. The night started off right as we split into teams and headed off to the areas we would be checking out for the first hour. I lead a group of girls, teens, and gun nuts ( could it get any better than that) starting off in the lower part of the Mill close to the Boiler the energy was high. So many things have happen in this area its hard to write them all down, from full apparitions to dark shadows. Tonight looked as if it would be a very active one.
Small KII hits (KII is a hand held EMF detector) with the lights starting to respond to questions asked. Twice for yes and once for no, we found that there were two spirits in the location with us both male and not to happy with us being there. As we walked into the back room we call the ash room the air it self felt as if it was full of energy. More communication with who we believe to be a young girl named Mary some of the women in the group could not even enter the room it self. I had invited my younger sister along with us and we were standing next to each other as what felt as if two hands pushed us a part to move past us. I at first thought she had seen something and got scared and pushed me out of the way to run, but as I looked she was leaning the other direction from me. I had a small scratch appear on my back. For about an forty minutes we continued to investigate.
We gathered back outside to move to the next spot when a dark shadow was seen at the top of a set of stairs and in the room next to us. One women even screamed after seeing the shadow. We were able to debunk one of the shadows, it would seem a light on the street and a tree were casting the shadow on one of the walls.
The most interesting part of the night would be start about 11:50 pm I had meet up with another group back in the boiler room Riley started to get a real bad headache when many of us heard a voice, I heard my name being said in a soft whisper. Than it would be said two more times as I headed out to check and see if someone was playing a joke on us and was saying the name in another part of the building. After I left and finding that no one was in the part of the building we heard my name being said I went to listen to the audio and check to see if I had captured the voice. Reviewing my audio I captured the voice and my name three times. In the meantime Rileys headache grew worse and he would black out and I was informed that my name was continued to be said, and growing louder as the minutes pasted. The Baron Woolen Mill has continued to amaze me and many others.

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