Monday, June 28, 2010

Paranormal Campout and Ghost tour

June 25th, WPI hosted a camp out and Ghost tour to the old mine town of Frisco Utah located in Beaver County not far from Milford. In 1875 two prospectors named James Ryan and Samuel Hawks on their way to work found a deposit of Ore. The next day they posted a clam on the area and sold it fearing that it was not a large deposit when in fact it would produce over twenty five thousand tons of Ore with a high content of Silver in the next five years.
The town it self slowly grew and became a large community but like many towns built around mining they would die in the 1920s. What remains are some old buildings a cemetery that needs a lot of work and the ghost of those who worked this area.
We set up camp no more than a 100 yards from the cemetery with 13 of us looking forward to a great night of ghost hunting. Dinner was pot luck and man we were lucky, Dutch oven potatos, some vegetables stemed in a Dutch Oven, great baked beans, and lots of fun. Around 9 pm we set off to the cemetery hoping to talk to some of the miners who made their finale resting place here. I for one hate to see cemetery's left to rot and this one has had more than rot done to it, signs of people riding over graves with ATV's, weeds and sagebrush growing everywhere and most tombstones no longer able to be read. Many young children were put to rest here, as we know life on the plans can not be easy and even harder for the youth. With a full moon climbing over the mountains and putting a glow over the valley we headed to the old smelters about two miles from the camp site.
As a ghost hunter we see many historical sites like this being forgotten or taken over by government land management this ghost town is no different. Decay has set in and I would say 20 years from now there will be nothing left, as for the ghost that night not much was found have around four or five hours of audio to go over, but to say it was only about looking for ghost would be wrong. It was so good to hang with friends and people who have the same interests as each other, sitting around a camp fire laughing and having a great time. This will not be the last Paranormal Camp out and Ghost hunt WPI will do and we look forward to so many more.

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