Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ghost hunt with a Monster and Dragon Hunter

Last night I had the chance to take two of my favorite authors on a ghost hunt to Mercur Cemetery. If you have not had the chance to check this place out you should. We started the night with Dinner at Wingers meeting Larry Correia the Author of Monster Hunter International and Paul Genesse Author of The Iron Dragon Series I have had the opportunity to have Paul on three other hunts but this was the first with Larry. We headed to Mercur Cemetery around 7:30 and begin around 8 pm.
The small hike to the top of the hill is always a great way to start this adventure and after a short history of the location we started some EVP work. Mercur being an old Mining town cemetery I had downloaded some background sounds of equipment and miners and played it for about 30 minutes, hoping this will increase any activity.
About two hours into the night myself Larry, Paul and some guest wondered over to a part we feel is a bit more negative. With in a few minutes my K2 meeter (picks up EMF field) started to respond to questions, asking if there was anyone here with us? The lights on the K2 responded lighting up twice for yes and once for no. "Are you Italian" lighting up once "are you a drunk Irishmen" lights going crazy almost as if who ever we were speaking with was angry with the question more questions were asked and for around ten minutes we continued to get responses.
Heading back to the camp fire we warmed up as a few of the guest left for the night, standing all in a circle we all heard what sounds as if someone large had started walking around the trial behind us, myself Larry and Paul walked over looking to see if anyone had come back up the hill no one was there.
staying up for around another hour both Larry and I saw something move behind us, and we had a few more hits on the K2 meeter. All a great night and was very happy I could introduce Larry to this great hobby. Thanks again to all the came.

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