Sunday, February 14, 2010

something new

HI all so I'm going to try something new. May not be every day but hey who knows. My name is Tom Carr I am the founder of Wasatch Paranormal Investigators and the host of a podcast called Residual Haunting Live. I have been interested, studying, and involved in the paranormal most of my life. I am a bit of a different type of Ghost Hunters as I do not feel this is a science but more of a hobby right now. Someday it maybe more but right now my team and I use modern day equipment to help clients understand what could be going on in their home. I enjoy it and have a great time learning more about the paranormal. I just finished my first book called Talking to Yourself in The Dark (A How To Guide To the Paranormal). I also am working on short stories that are about ghost or the Paranormal. I love teaching others about this hobby and also teach a class for a local community education school called Ghost Busters. I love to work with other teams and enjoy learning more from other people in the paranormal. I live in a small town called Tooele UT. not far from Salt Lake with my wife, and three children.

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