Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is not about fame and money

I have been in the paranormal for over twenty seven years now. Have been approached nine times for paranormal TV shows, and one show on Big foot. Turned them all down but one My Ghost Story and I did that one more because a good friend asked me to do it. I have never ever done anything for the fame; I have done many of the things I do because I love what I do. It is that simple; as I reach my forty second birthday I am working on the next step in life. One of my hero’s is Glenn Beck, he worked hard to get where he is today. At my age he was still just trying to make a living, now he is the owner of his own broadcasting company, host to a radio show with over eight million listeners each day. An all new way to bring his media to the world; I think of what he did and I am just blown away. I started jsut two years ago Gronter Films, this was going to be me doing something I love Horror films. Shot my first movie with two good friends and well it was not as great as I would of liked it but it was a start, now I move to Bag of Holding Productions. This is my dream one year from now to have my own office, to do nothing but make films not just horror (under Gronter Films) but make movies and series that the whole family can watch. I have never done this for the fame, or the money. If that was the only reason I did I would be there by now. No my reputation and my integrity mean more to me then some check. I see people get into the Paranormal only because they want to be the next Ghost show, or paranormal expert most of them fail with in the first two years. I love what I do, and as I look back it all started with a podcast Residual Haunting live. Now Residual Haunting Revived going into its seventh year has never been about how many listeners we have but how much fun me and two of my closest friends have each week. We have invited to local cons and I am now going to one of the largest geek cons in the world. Not because I have forced my way in but because we have taken what we love and shown our passion for it. We also have never lost the most important thing that many do; we still love it. It has not become a job it is just fun. I started Bag of Holding Productions because I do not want to beholden to anyone but God, my family and myself. I never ever want someone to say “well if we had some nudity in there it would help it sell” Nope not going to happen. If someone came to me today and said we will give you ten million for your script or two million for you to direct it I would take the two in a heartbeat. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, and never sale your soul for fame. To many people walk down that road and later regret it. When asked by some if I could do anything different today or change something I did in the past I tell them nope because the fire I walked through to get here has made me who I am today. Be proud of what you have done, and let your pride show. No matter what enjoy the climb and when you get to the top (nowhere near it myself) you can look down and say because of God, friends and hard work I got here. No one pulled me up but there were many who kept telling you to never stop. So this last week I have seen so many great friends help be kick Bag of Holding Productions off the ground, and I am going to do all I can to never let them down. We have climbed this mountain together and even though I sometimes can see the top through the clouds I am not there yet. Thank you all of you who have supported me, and all I have meet over the years. The best is about to come and look out Glenn someday you will ask me to interview you.

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