Thursday, March 21, 2013

the acting bug

OK I was in the drama club, and loved stage when I was in High School. Left it behind as I grew up and moved to other things. Well this last weekend I was right back on but in front of a camera. Shot a great short that I wrote and helped produce, as well played one of the main parts in the film. Really I forgot how much fun it is to act, something I want to do more of as much as I love directing being in front of the camera was a blast. Look forward to showing all of you this one. As part of my dreams making movies is one of them and this will be my third shoot. Two shorts and a trailer for a full length I have written and want to film. I am also working on two more films, another short and Episode one of Pinkerton's. I have to say one of the funnest things from filming was working with a good friend Tim, and some great cast members who did this for free. Thanks for the fun and look forward to so much more from my production company Bag of Holding production's

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