Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marked for life and loving it

SO I did it! Yes and well I am sort of proud of it, this last Tuesday I got my very first Tattoo. I have to say for years I have wanted one, but was always worried and well let’s face it scared %$*less. For all the build up and fear I had in my head I have to say WHY after the first needle it was like someone rubbing sandpaper on my skin. I was lucky to find a fantastic artist new here in Salt Lake Vinnie the owner of Rebirth Tattoo. He has been doing it for almost 19 years and owns two shops one here in Salt Lake and one in Alaska.
This guy is not just an artist he is honored to put his mark on your skin. I have always felt that tattoos should be something personal and have some meaning, so I went with an Ankh with Wasatch Paranormal written around it; then a Roman numeral one on each side. Now the Ankh for my brothers in Demolay, Wasatch Paranormal for the best damn paranormal team I know, and the roman numerals for two hundred books sold.
I have to say Vinnie put me at easy and I felt like he could work on my arm forever, but it only took around forty five minutes. He loves what he does and is very proud of what he does, this is not just money for him you are a piece of canvas, and you are a walking gallery for Vinnie and his work. With everyone saying once you get your first Tattoo you will always want one more and I think they are right Maybe a TARDIS on the chest, who knows I have a lot of skin to work with.
SO if you’re in the Salt Lake area go check out Rebirth Tattoo on the corner of 300 west and 600 south, tell him Residual Haunting sent you and he will do you a great deal.

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