Saturday, February 19, 2011

First part of the St. James Chapter

Here is the first paragraph to the first chapter to the St. James Hotel. SO much has happen the first night I think I could write a book just on it. I am so looking forward to one more night at the St. James Hotel and I have to tell you it is so worth the drive. I love this place the history, the energy and well the food is fantastic. I am telling you next time you want to do a road trip head on down to New Mexico and check this place out. I really cant say anything bad about the place other than they serve Pepsi not coke, and we all know how I feel about that. SO here you go the first Paragraph to St. James Hotel

I sat in the hall, recorder in hand watching red flowered wallpaper peal from age, asking one of past owners J.T who supposedly haunts the hotel “Did you play poker with any gunslinger?” as the corner of my eye registers the slightest movement. I was alone on the second floor there was no way I could be seeing what was now walking down this historical hall towards me, a man dressed in chaps, boots, and spurs. I forced myself not to blink for the fear of this moment being missed; a spiritual apparition strolling from history so clear I could see his spurs spin with each steep! I found myself holding my breath and my eyes moving with each of his ghostly steeps. As he passed in front of me I fought the urge to stick out my foot only stopping myself with the knowledge that I may trip him and end up dead at his fast hand and gun I was sure still hung from his hip. Slowly I watched him dissipate as the one light burning down the hall faded into him. My adventures this weekend were sure to be full of excitement. Yes I could think of no where better to begin my paranormal exploration of one of the most historical states in the Wild West New Mexico.

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  1. Fantastic! The way your paragraph made me hold my breath has assured that next time I will definately be going along with you guys!!!
    -Monica Wasatch Paranormal